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Beaver Builder Review: Is Beaver Builder Any Good?

Beaver Builder Review

If you are looking for the best Beaver Builder review 2020, you don't have to look far. Carry on reading below to find out if Beaver Builder is the best WordPress visual builder and if Beaver Builder is any good. Meantime, here are 4 top advantages using Beaver Builder plugin.
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Visually Stunning

Beaver Builder allows you to create stunning WordPress websites without coding skills.
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Easy To Use

The plugin is easy to use and have low learning curve (if any). Best for beginners and bloggers.
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Front-end Editing

Full drag-and-drop support and front-end editing makes WordPress building easy.
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Great Templates

Excellent ready-made templates and demos which you can 1-click import to your existing site.

Beaver Builder Plugin

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Beaver Builder is an excellent drag and drop builder for WordPress. Website developers and beginners use Beaver Builder because it is lightweight, has low bloatload and loads fast even on shared web hosting plans. It may not be the cheapest WordPress visual builder but it is certainly one of our top picks (based on performance).
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Introduction To The Beaver Builder Plugin

Beaver Builder Plugin Review

This article is all about Beaver Builder review and before that, let's take a dive on what Beaver Builder plugin is all about. If you are looking for a WordPress page builder plugin that is powerful, Beaver Builder is the choice of weapon we recommend.

The Beaver Builder plugin came across our radar when we first saw Chris Lema's post (link). At that time, there weren't many visual builders and most of them in the market are either bloatloaded or have a high learning curve.

Beaver Builder came at the right time and providing a solution that WordPress developers need—an easy to use drag and drop visual builder with a low learning curve and minimal bloatware. Beaver Builder also doesn't slow down your WordPress backend and doesn't poses a WordPress security threat due to badly coded WordPress visual builder..

This is the introduction video of Beaver Builder which I recommend you to watch.

🥜 What Is Beaver Builder: Beaver Builder Review In A Nutshell

Latest Beaver Builder Review

Beaver Builder plugin is one of our favorite go-to WordPress visual builder for our clients. While we are diehard fans of Oxygen Builder, we still use Beaver Builder on a daily basis (on other sites). It is important to note that the Beaver Builder has grown to be one of the most trusted page builders since it was released in 2014 because of its reliability, user-friendly interface, and top-notch support.

Some of the biggest advantages of Beaver Builder are:

  • Beaver Builder allows you to build custom posts and pages by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas
  • You don’t need to code anything by hand, and HTML knowledge isn’t required
  • Beaver Builder plugin is compatible with major WordPress theme (so you don't have to change yours)
  • Intuitive front-end editor allows you to see the results of your work right away

More importantly, Beaver Builder is a feature-rich drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress. If you are serious in creating great-looking content in WordPress and minus the hassle, you need to consider buying Beaver Builder right now.

Just like other drag and drop WordPress builders in the market, Beaver Builder main selling point involves compatibility. When we first migrated everything on this blog to Oxygen Builder, we had a major compatibility issue with some of the most popular plugins and themes.

Throughout using Beaver Builder for our clients' websites, we did not experience any compatibility issue and we dare to say that Beaver Builder is compatible with most major free and premium WordPress themes. As there is no compatibility issue, you can create WordPress websites from scratch or update an existing website faster and more efficient (minus the headache).

Is Beaver Builder Any Good?

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Beaver Builder actually tackles one of the main issues with WordPress as a platform: The fact that it’s not overly friendly towards users who have no experience with websites—especially those who want to create great-looking content on their own.

🧰 Beaver Builder Review: Features And Benefits

Beaver Builder Plugin Review

It is important to understand that Beaver Builder comes in several forms—Beaver Builder plugin, Beaver Builder Theme and Beaver Themer.

There is a full list of features that Beaver Builder is offering to WordPress users (one that is too much to discuss on). Therefore, we will go through some of the most popular ones which will have the highest impact on you when you are building a WordPress website.

  • ✅ Full drag and drop support
  • ✅ Full front-end editing
  • ✅ No need for coding, HTML and CSS knowledge
  • ✅ Compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins
  • ✅ You can use Beaver Builder to create posts, pages and custom post types
  • ✅ Over 50 ready-made page templates
  • ✅ Over 30 content elements/modules that you can choose from
  • ✅ Beaver Builder is mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly
  • ✅ Compatible with WooCommerce, including WooCommerce content elements
  • ✅ Easily import and export custom designs to client's websites
  • ✅ Powerful visual builder to create full-width sliders and other forms of elements

Beaver Builder is one of those WordPress visual builder that allows you to do anything without restriction—including building custom layouts, use different content elements and other interactive media to build your ultimate WordPress site.

If you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can use one of the available pre-made templates for landing pages, contact pages and about pages.

💰 Beaver Builder Pricing Review

You seen all the features by Beaver Builder plugin. They look good and there's a question that linger in your mind. How much does Beaver Builder costs?

To address this one, Beaver Builder isn't cheap. We are not looking into the WordPress visual builder pricing like those sold on ThemeForest.

Here's the official pricing table for Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder Pricing

Based on the pricing table, Beaver Builder is more expensive than its main two competitors: Elementor and Divi Builder. Plus, if, for example, you want to match the features of Elementor Pro, you’d also need to get Beaver Themer, which is sold separately for $147.

Apart from the price tag, one of the key advantages of Beaver Builder plugin is that you can use it on an unlimited number of sites, regardless of the plan that you choose.

The license option that makes the most sense here is either Standard or Pro. The Agency plan seems to only give you additional white labelling features, which we don’t see as all that valuable in most cases for bloggers and small website owners.

The main selling point of the Pro plan is Beaver Builder Theme. This can be useful if you’re planning to use Beaver Builder as the base for client sites you’re building from the ground up. However, for an existing site that already has a good theme, Standard is really going to be enough.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free trial, but Beaver Builder does provide a nice demo, which is available here. Plus, there’s a Lite version of the plugin available over at In comparison with the premium plans, it doesn’t include these features:

Beaver Builder Premium Features

Beaver Builder plugin is a great WordPress visual builder but one thing that we can't get our head out is that you only get support for a year (and extended yearly), regardless of the plan you are in.

🔧 Beaver Builder Review: User Interface

The next part of the Beaver Builder review is to give you a first-hand experience and understanding of what Beaver Builder is all about, and how you can handle it.

Question: How easy is it to setup a beautiful WordPress page with Beaver Builder?

Overall, the Beaver Builder user interface is intuitive and fun to use. It also fits nicely into the default WordPress backend. One thing to highlight is that installing Beaver Builder plugin doesn't slow down your WordPress backend.

As soon as you had installed Beaver Builder, you will be greeted with a nice welcome page. We recommend you to take some time to check on this page as you need to setup Beaver Builder here. While these options are optional, you wouldn't want to miss them for the world.

Beaver Builder Welcome Page

To get started, just proceed to create a new page like you normally would. Right away, you’ll see an invitation to build your page with Beaver Builder.

How To Build A WordPress Page Using Beaver Builder

To load the Beaver Builder interface builder, you need to click on th blue button (to get started).

Beaver Builder Inbuilt Visual Builder

The main canvas is in the center, with a sidebar to the right. The way you use Beaver Builder to build WordPress posts and pages are by grabbing stuff from the sidebar and dragging it onto the empty canvas.

At the top of the sidebar, you can see four sections labelled: Modules; Rows; Templates; and Saved.

The first two are:

  • Modules — this is where you can select individual content elements such as text, buttons, images and so on, and add them to the page.
  • Rows — this is where you can choose different row structures (with one or more columns), as well as pre-made row designs (for things such as content blocks, lead generation, pricing tables, and more).

There are several ways to use Beaver Builder but we recommend you to build your page is first to select a row structure and then put some content modules inside it.

After setting up the page, your content organization on the page is going to look something like this (more or less):

Beaver Builder Feature Review

But wait.

Beaver Builder is a flexible WordPress builder tool that allows you to have:

  • Unlimited number of rows on each page
  • Unlimited number of columns in each row
  • Any number of individual content blocks in each column
  • each content block presents a single instance of content — for example, an image, a block of text, or a custom chart, like these:n
Beaver Builder Custom Charts

To make your money worth it (buying Beaver Builder), all the rows and content modules are drag-and-drop supported. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can take any row or individual content module and realign it somewhere else within the canvas like this:

Drag and Drop Demo Beaver Builder

If you want to build a WordPress page from scratch (hey, we know some of us love this), going from row to row and content module to content module is how you can do it.

If you are worried about responsiveness, Beaver Builder columns and elements are also responsive like Divi.

The good thing about Beaver Builder is that it gives you unlimited access to everything you had to expect from a visual builder. From photo modules, icons, images, galleries, buttons and to videos, you can add any of your regular WordPress widgets in just a few clicks.

Beaver Builder Content Modules Review

If you need to edit the content module, Beaver Builder scores well in this part. The entire process is intuitive and all you need to do is to click on a module that’s already on the canvas, and a small box will pop up with all of the options.

Beaver Builder Review Editing Content Block

Overall, we want to say that Beaver Builder is fun to use and for non-techies, it is really easy to get the results that otherwise cost you some big money if you were to hire a designer.

Beaver Builder makes website development easy for beginners with no coding skills required.

🎨 Beaver Builder Review: Pre-Made Templates

One of the reasons most WordPress developers like us use visual builders is to speed up the entire process and workflows.

Just like others, Beaver Builder offers a wide range of pre-made page templates (which we love dearly).

To start using Beaver Builder templates, head over to the top sidebar. Right next to Modules and Rows there are two more tabs labeled Templates and Saved.

Right next to Modules and Rows there are two more tabs labeled Templates and Saved.

There are two main options you need to know and familiarize yourself with.

Saved. This is where you can store your own saved rows, columns and content modules. You can use this to build your own personal library of favorite designs and layouts.

Templates. This is where you can find more than 50 pre-made page designs that you can import into your WordPress site with just one click.

Beaver pre-made templates and demo look good (generally) and can come in handy especially when you are planning to build a landing page quickly.

We use Beaver Builder theme library as a base for our web designing before customizing them to make them unique to the clients.

As mentioned, importing these templates is really easy, and it only takes one click. Then, you can customize the design you’ve selected in the Beaver Builder interface.

How To Customize WordPress Page With Beaver Builder

Another advantage worth mentioning is that Beaver Builder also offers ready-made templates for other purposes—content pages, contact us, services, portfolio, services and team members. These elements really come in handy for both beginners and advanced users.

Beaver Builder Content Pages

Last but not least, another important thing to highlight is that if you’re using Beaver Builder with your current theme (not Beaver Builder Theme), then there are slight limitations as to what Beaver Builder can and can’t do.

🤔 Who Should Use Beaver Builder Plugin?

Is Beaver Builder Worth Buying

In the past 5 years, we had seen many changes especially in the content-editing space within WordPress. Those days, we build custom WordPress pages with codes but now, we now have many functional block-based editors that already give us basic drag-and-drop functionality, along with a selection of different content modules/blocks built-in from the start.

So, the next question we want to answer today is "Why would you pay for something that seems rather similar in the form of Beaver Builder?"

Make no mistake and don't be shy. This is a common question we faced all the time. The answer to this question is this:

The native block editor in WordPress can only take you so far in terms of page customization. While it does offer a basic set of content blocks and page structures, it’s far from the scope that you’ll find in Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder theme and plugin are more functional in real use case scenarios, especially for WordPress beginners. using Beaver Builder (for example) is an excellent way to build a great-looking page that won't glitch. Ultimately, what you are getting from Beaver Builder is quality and reliability.

With that being said, we can think of two groups of WordPress users who will benefit from using Beaver Builder and they are:

  • ✅ WordPress users who want to create great-looking content and website designs on their own site without hiring expensive web developers
  • ✅ WordPress designers and developers building websites for clients

Don't forget that Beaver Builder strongest point is the ease of use and it is extremely beginner-friendly.

And even if you know sh*t about coding, managing WordPress websites, you are still going to be able to create eyes-popping content with Beaver Builder's drag and drop feature.

For WordPress beginners. Beaver Builder is to provide reliable front-end editing capabilities, which means that working on your content pages or landing pages is much like working from a Word document — what you see is what you get.

For WordPress designers and developers who are working on the clients' projects, Beaver Builder plans will help you build and craft new original websites faster and more efficiently.

All in all, you should get Beaver Builder only if you:

  • ✅ Want to create good-looking content without any coding knowledge
  • ✅ Want a visual builder with no learning curve
  • ✅ Love prebuilt templates (many of them)
  • ✅ Want to build websites for clients faster, efficiently and cost-saving

🏁 Beaver Builder Review Conclusion

Is Beaver Builder the best drag and drop WordPress builder today?

That's a seriously tough question to answer. The WordPress market is saturated, and there are many other visual builders in the market too (just like these 5 best WordPress visual builders).

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the price point and what you are expecting from a visual builder tool.

Allow us to give you some examples.

  • If you are looking for a free visual builder for WordPress, you can't go wrong with Elementor. It delivers decent features and more elements compared to the free version of Beaver Builder.
  • If you have a small budget and looking for a visual builder for unlimited website usages, you can get Divi for quite a bang for your buck. Priced at $89 yearly or $249 (one time) for lifetime access. Plus, you not only get the main Divi theme and Divi Builder, but also a set of other premium plugins.
  • If you are an experienced web developer and looking for the cleanest and lightweight visual builder, you can't go with Oxygen (like we do here at WP Maven).

End of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference and your expectations from a WordPress visual builder. Until date, we dare to guarantee that Beaver Builder surely is right up there at the top of the page building game.

Here's a little summary of what we think about Beaver Builder.

Pros of Beaver Builder

  • ✅ Easily create WordPress posts, pages, and homepages in just a few clicks
  • ✅ Create unlimited beautiful WordPress site without headaches
  • ✅ Full drag-and-drop support and front-end editing
  • ✅ The default typography looks really good—useful if you don’t have a feel for adjusting those things on your own.
  • ✅ Beaver Builder works well with default WordPress widgets
  • ✅ Comes with many great page templates to make building landing pages and content pages easier

Cons of Beaver Builder

  • ❎ Beaver Builder is expensive. The cheapest plan is $99. Unless the Lite version is enough for you, in which case it’s $0.
  • ❎ There is no undo button yet
  • ❎ Beaver Builder can’t overcome the limitations of your theme. For example, if the theme doesn’t support full-width pages, you won’t be able to build full-width pages.
  • ❎ You can’t add custom CSS code to content modules (ouch)

We hope that we did not miss out on any features in this Beaver Builder review. But hey, if we do, tell us in the comments below.

So, is Beaver Builder worth buying? The choice is yours!

By the way, if you’re interested in looking through some examples of real-life websites actually using Beaver Builder, here’s an impressive showcase.

Is Beaver

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