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Beaver Builder vs Oxygen Builder — A Complete WordPress Comparison

Beaver Builder vs Oxygen Builder. In this article, we are going to dive deep into the review with the hopes of giving you a deep insight into both of these WordPress drag and drop website builder powerhouse.

For the record, WP Maven is created using Oxygen Builder and while we are a huge fan of Oxygen Builder, we had also a fair share of clients who prefer Beaver Builder. Take a look at this marketing blog which is created with Beaver Builder.

Without further delay, let's get started with our Beaver Builder vs Oxygen Builder review.

Beaver Builder Review

When it comes to WordPress website builders, Beaver Builder is one of those who are highly rated and are recommended for clean codes. If you are serious about getting a WordPress builder plugin that doesn't come with the bloat, you don't have to look far (and wide) because Beaver Builder could be the best option for you.

Awesome software, great support and a helpful community.

Beaver Builder is the WordPress page builder you can trust with your business.

Beaver Builder Features

Page Builder Icon Beaver Builder

WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Live, Front End Editing. What you see is what you get! Beaver Builder’s intuitive WordPress website builder works in real-time on the front end of your page. No more guesswork. As long as you're using a responsive theme, any page built with Beaver Builder will be totally responsive.

Beaver Builder Themer vs Oxygen Builder

Beaver Builder Theme

The perfect balance of settings and functionality. Beaver Builder fully adopted the WordPress Customizer for all of the theme settings. This enables you to live preview any of your theme setting changes. With Beaver Builder, editing your theme is just as easy as editing your pages.

Beaver Themer Icon

Beaver Themer Add-On

Take Beaver Builder even further. Beaver Themer lets you create layouts for archive pages, template an entire post type, 404 and search pages, and create parts like headers and footers. Field connections allow you to connect your layouts to the data inside each type of template.

Beaver Assistant Feature

Assistant Plugin (that works)

An every-day productivity tool that lets you navigate your WordPress site and handle quick tasks without needing to go to the WordPress Admin area. Quickly find a page or post and update its title or slug. You can upload media and navigate to attachment pages in just a few clicks.

Every person that buys Beaver Builder becomes part of the family.
Every person then benefits from what any other family member creates.
Chris Lema Testimonial Beaver Builder
Chris Lema
WordPress Influencer

Frequently Asked Questions About Beaver Builder

Bonus: How to install Beaver Builder in WordPress?

Is Beaver Builder good?

Beaver Builder had proved to be one of the best WordPress drag and drop builder in the market. Compared with most WordPress builders in the industry, Beaver Builder is lightweight and offers a lot of customizations for end users — regardless you are a beginner or an advanced WordPress user.

Trusted by over 1 million sites worldwide and by the biggest names in the industry.

Oxygen Builder Review

To date, we strongly believe that Oxygen Builder is one of the least discussed WordPress builders in the market. While that could be the case, it doesn't stop many WordPress developers from using Oxygen Builder on their clients' websites.

What makes Oxygen Builder unique is the the super clean codes and customizations ability beyond any given limits. In other words, Oxygen Builder is a powerhouse when it comes to creating clean, fast loading and powerful WordPress themes.

Barriers removed. Permanently.

You'll build incredible websites with Oxygen

Oxygen is a complete site builder - not just a page builder. The code is much cleaner, leaner and faster without unnecessary bulk.

Oxygen Builder Features

Oxygen Builder Drag and Drop Best WordPress Visual Builders

Drag and drop editing

Drag element edges to set spacing, or drag & drop to re-order.

Oxygen WooCommerce Integration Best Visual Builder Review


Get visual control of every part of your WooCommerce store.

Header Builder By Oxygen Best Visual Builder WordPress Plugin

Header Builder

Create custom website headers visually, including sticky and overlay headers.

Oxygen Global Colours Setting Best WordPress Visual Builders
Oxygen Global Colours Setting Best WordPress Visual Builders

Global Colors

Edit colors in one place. Changes take effect everywhere the color was used.

Oxygen Builder Is SEO Friendly Best Visual Builder Plugin

Developer Friendly

Build with fundamental HTML elements. Write PHP, CSS, and JS live.

Advanced Functionality Oxygen Builder Top Visual Builder

Advanced Functionality

Flexible builder elements. Dynamic data with repeaters and loops. And more.

Oxygen is simply the best tool hands down to develop WordPress websites with pixel perfect responsiveness. The ability to control every aspect of how a site displays on any device is unmatched in the marketplace at this time.
Chris Lema Testimonial Beaver Builder
Thayne Rigby
Head of Web @ V-Squared Creative

Frequently Asked Questions About Oxygen Builder

Bonus: Is Oxygen Builder worth buying?

Oxygen Builder is a great WordPress builder but it certainly doesn't fit everyone. It is best fit for those who have some level of coding skills (HTML, CSS etc.) and more importantly, there is a learning curve to it.

If you are looking for a clean coded WordPress builder, Oxygen Builder is definitely for you. Period.

You'll build incredible WordPress sites with Oxygen.

Summary: Beaver Builder vs Oxygen Builder

Both Beaver Builder and Oxygen Builder are solid WordPress builders aimed to help you design the best possible site design. While the case use of Beaver Builder and Oxygen Builder is similar, the usability of both is the real differentiator.

Beaver Builder is best for both beginners and advanced WordPress users, allowing anyone to quickly design any website design without coding skills.

On the other hand, Oxygen Builder is geared more towards advanced WordPress users with sophistication and customizations without boundaries.

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