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Two Best Image CDN for WordPress That Will Improve Loading Speed

Are you having a slow WordPress website? One of the best ways to speed up a WordPress site is by serving optimized images via a content delivery network (CDN). If you are deeply passionate with a fast loading website like we do, we recommend you to carry on reading this article as we will discuss the best image CDN for WordPress ... yes, the ones that you should be using today.

How Does An Image CDN Works?

A CDN ensures that the images are served from the nearest datacenters for faster loading speed

Images are often the one that takes a longer time to load simply because it is bigger/larger in size. When there are many images on a web page, it will impact the website loading speed.

With a CDN, images will be served to the website visitor without delay and making the overall website loads faster as well.

So, what are the best image CDN for WordPress website?

Gumlet Best Image CDN for WordPress
Gumlet is a powerful image CDN for WordPress

At WP Maven, we use Gumlet as our image CDN. But wait, what is Gumlet?

Gumlet delivers image with right size and quality to your users.

In layman's terms, Gumlet ensures that images served to your website visitors are the right size (so they load faster) and higher in quality (so they will look great).

A side from the above, Gumlet also offers several advantages over other image CDN WordPress such as:

Responsive re-sizing of images
Auo compression and WebP

How much is Gumlet image CDN?

There are three different pricing structure which are free, pay as you go and enterprise.

Gumlet free account. Free 1GB for every month for the first year, including unlimited image sources, image transformation and master image processing.

Gumlet pay as you go account. Pay $1 for every 10GB of additional bandwidth.

Gumlet enterprise account. This is a custom pricing and best for large WordPress sites. This is best for large corporations and businesses who require tons of firepower.

CloudImage Best Image CDN for WordPress
Cloudimage is a popular CDN for images

Cloudimage is another excellent image CDN service. Prior to using Gumlet, we were using CloudImage to serve images on all our WordPress sites that we manage.

But wait. What is CloudImage?

According to it's official site, Cloudimage is the easiest way to resize, compress, optimise and deliver your images to your customers through rocket fast CDNs.

Just like Gumlet, Cloudimage comes in several pricings:

Cloudimage personal plan. Free account that gives up to 25GB of image cache and monthly traffic.

Cloudimage startup plan. Starts at €29 per month, it offers 40GB of image cache and 60GB of monthly traffic.

Cloudimage pro plan. Starts at €79 per month, it offers 70GB of image cache and 150GB of monthly traffic.

Cloudimage rocket plan. Starts at €249 per month, it offers 200GB of image cache and 800GB of monthly traffic.

Which Is The Best Image CDN For WordPress?

Honestly, this is a tough question to crack. Based on our personal and extensive testing, both Gumlet and Cloudimage are excellent in their own fields. More importantly, each of them are as unique as they could be—thus, comparing them would be more like comparing an apple to a pear.

If we would need to decide, we will put our money with Gumlet as it is easier to use and integrate with WordPress websites via their plugin. At the same time, we noticed that Coudimage advanced JS cache option might break some WordPress sites that are heavily customized.

Are you using any image CDN for WordPress? Leave a comment below and tell us more about it!

Article written by Editorial Team

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