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3 Troubleshooting Tips To Fix Divi Builder Not Working Issue

Divi Builder Timeout Error

Consider restarting your Internet connection and updating Divi Builder to the latest version.

Incompatible Plugins

Deactivate one by one of the plugins and test with Divi Builder. Remember to clear cache for each time.

Server Space

Ensure your web hosting plan has enough server space, CPU and RAM for Divi Builder to work properly.
Divi Builder Plugin Not Working

Why Is Divi Builder Not Working?

Here are 3 main reasons why Divi Page Builder isn't working and simple troubleshooting methods to get Divi Page Builder to start working again.
How To Fix Divi Not Working In WordPress

Is The Divi Page Builder Not Working For You?

We are hardcore Oxygen Builder supporter but we still love the Divi Builder. As a matter of fact, 75% of our web design projects are powered by Divi Builder. As a matter of fact, both Oxygen and Divi are in our top 5 WordPress visual builders for beginners.

However, as with all things internet, it doesn’t always work the way you want it to. And yes, we felt your desperate-ness because things like this normally happen at the worst time. Datelines, holiday periods etc. We get it.

But here's the thing. You don't have to pull your hair out or skip your festive holiday gathering. 

Take a deep breath, make a nice cup of coffee (or tea, if you will) and try these 3 steps to fix your 'Divi Builder not working problem'.

1. How To Fix Divi Builder Timeout Error?

Divi Builder Not Working And How To Fix It

The white screen of death and the ever ending gear turning (loading page) when using Divi Builder. Fine, this warning can be really frustrating and almost all the time will lead to "The Divi Builder failed to load."

How do I fix this Divi Builder problem?

  1. Check your Internet connection. Your router may be playing tricks on you, so make sure you get the basic thing right at the first place.
  2. Update the Divi Builder version. The next step is to ensure that you are using the latest version of Divi Builder plugin. 

Now, why this happens?

When we update our WordPress core or plugins, it may result in plugin conflicts which leads to Divi Page Builder not loading.

While the Divi developers are always updating the plugin and theme builder to ensure maximum compatibility, this may happen and you should always use the latest version.

*P.S. You may also want to perform a backup prior to doing any updating.

*P.S.S. You may also want to clear WordPress cache after every update.

2. Divi Builder Cannot Load With Incompatible Plugins

WordPress Plugin Conflict Divi Builder Not Working

WordPress plugin conflict is one of the most common problem to Divi Builder not working. This is because of the complexity of the plugin. Each plugin comes with scripts that load. Some plugins are abandoned by their developers and the code becomes outdated. Or the plugin was created with poor code.

It is easy to troubleshoot this WordPress issue to fix your Divi Builder problem but bear in mind that this method could be time-consuming if you have a large WordPress site.

The first step is to deactivate one WordPress plugin at a time and test running Divi Builder. If you are using cache plugins or CloudFlare, it is recommended to clear the cache before testing Divi Builder.

Reinstall Divi Builder As Last Resort

WordPress Star Image
If this second method is not able to solve Divi Builder not working problem, the last resort is to reinstall Divi Builder plugin or theme. Make it a point to perform a full website backup before taking this step.

3. Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan

Fix Divi Builder Not Working Problem With Better Web Hosting

Divi Builder is a popular visual builder for WordPress. But do you know that Divi Builder is a heavy WordPress plugin/theme especially for shared web hosting plans?

Here's the thing. Divi Builder used to be one of the heaviest visual builder for WordPress and the Divi theme had performed many improvements over time.

If you are using a cheap shared web hosting plan, the Divi Builder might not be working that well (most of the time) and will often lead to Divi Builder not working type of scenario.

Here's how to troubleshoot this WordPress problem:

  1. Server specifications. Check the specifications of the server, including server space, RAM and CPU. Now compare them with the recommended server and hosting for Divi Theme.
  2. Web hosting support. Speak to your web host support and get professional advice to fix your Divi not working problem.
  3. Upgrade or change web host. If everything fails, you might want to consider upgrading the hosting plan or change to a new web host all together.

Top two web hosting choices for Divi users

Summary: How To Solve Divi Builder Not Working In WordPress?

The Divi Page Builder not working for you can be one of the most time consuming and hair tear out frustrating events in your workday. 

With that being said, we hope the above 3 methods would help you troubleshoot and fix the Divi Page Builder not working problem. 

Meantime, do you have any other tricks to get Divi Builder working like normal? If yes, leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

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