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Divi vs X Theme [Updated January 2020]: Which Is The Better WordPress Theme Builder?

Comparison Between Divi vs X Theme

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This article is all about Divi Theme vs X Theme. Both of these are excellent WordPress visual builders—but only one stands out from the crowd as the clear winner. Read this article to learn more.

Summary of Divi Theme vs X Theme

Divi Theme Features

Divi Theme is by far, the most popular WordPress theme builder for bloggers, website owners and website developers. Here are top 4 advantages you should use Divi today.
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Low Learning Curve

Divi visual builder is great for beginners and you can spin up a complete website within minutes instead of days.
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Pre-Made Demos

110+ pre=made templates and 880+ design elements allow you to create a WordPress design from scratch and fast.
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SEO Optimized Theme

All Divi themes are created with SEO in mind. The inbuilt visual builder helps you to perform SEO like a wizard.
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Superior Pricing

Divi theme comes with either yearly or lifetime (single payment) which is definitely a steal. The best deal for WP Theme right now!
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Uniquely Flexible

X Theme is not your average WordPress drag and drop builder. The team is always coming up with new and innovative ideas.
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Pre-Made Demos

1-click to import ready-made demo's directly from your WP Admin. These demos are easily customizeable.
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SEO Optimized Theme

X Theme is SEO ready and this means that you stand an upper hand in ranking higher on search engine result pages.
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Cheaper Pricing

X Theme is cheaper but comes with limited support. If you are a website developer, this may be a good option for you.

X Theme Features

Divi Theme is by far, the most popular WordPress theme builder for bloggers, website owners and website developers. Here are top 4 advantages you should use Divi today.
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What To Expect In This Review?

Divi Theme vs X Theme Review

Before we start our Divi vs X Theme review, we want to give you a quick snapshot of what to expect from this review.

It will be broken down into:

We hope that you will find this review useful and don't forget to tell us about it in the comment form below.

1. Setting Up Process

How To Install WordPress Theme

Part A: Installing And Setting Up Divi Theme

There is a major misconception about Divi and it is important for us to get this cleared up. Divi comes in two parts—Divi Theme and Divi Builder plugin

Divi Theme is a comprehensive website builder while Divi Builder is used as a standalone WordPress visual builder. You should use the plugin version only if you already have a WordPress theme installed and activated.

Setting up Divi for the first time is rather easy. You would need to choose a Divi plan and once you had purchased, you will be able to download the theme or plugin package. The final step is to upload the zip package to your WordPress website, install and activate it as the last step.

You would need to input the license to receive updates on the theme and builder plugin.

Part B: Installing And Setting Up X Theme

Compared to Divi, X is a WordPress theme builder. It doesn't come with a plugin and everything is inbuilt within the theme itself. After you purchased the license from ThemeForest, you would need to download the package, uploading to your WordPress website and activating the theme.

X Theme comes with Cornerstone builder which is an intuitive visual builder.

Just like the Divi Theme, you would need to validate your license to be able to use the theme.

*P.S. The X Theme comes with multiple WordPress extensions and bundled-in plugins that are integrated directly to the theme builder.

2. Divi vs X Theme Differences In Features

Divi vs X Theme Features

Part A: Divi Theme Features

Dubbed as the most popular WordPress theme and the ultimate WordPress builder, Divi is a theme and visual builder. Divi is used by many website developers including WP Maven due to:

  • Powerful visual builder
  • Low learning curve
  • Compatible with major WordPress plugins and themes
  • Lightweight (if you know how to remove the bloatware and unwanted codes)
  • Ready-made templates and theme demos (over 110 pre-made websites and 880 pre-made layouts)
  • One-time pricing for lifetime usage

Overall, Divi Builder offers many innovative features that are unique to itself and this is one WordPress builder that others often compare with. Take a look at the video below to see Divi in action.

Part B: X Theme Features

We had used the X Theme some years back and some of us here are the early adopters of this visual builder. It is important to understand that the X Theme had improved over the years and now, they are one of the top WordPress theme builders in ThemeForest.

X Theme launched stacks, which is first of its kind. Stacks allow you to choose from multiple, completely unique designs with just the click of a mouse, and there are currently four Stacks to choose from (with more in development).

The X Theme is integrated with Cornerstone, a front-end WYSIWYG editor which helps speed up the process of creating a WordPress website.

The advantages of using X Theme are:

  • Uses shortcodes heavily (we know some web developers love this)
  • 1-click layout option
  • Compatible with WooCommerce (just like Oxygen Builder)
  • Availability of demos and templates
  • SEO ready

3. WordPress Visual Editor Ease Of Use

WordPress Visual Editor

Part A: Is Divi Builder Easy To Use?

Ease of use is where Divi Builder shine the most (when comparing Divi vs X Theme). Divi Builder and Divi Theme make it really easy to create any website design that you like in just a few clicks.

If you have some level of coding skills, you can easily customize the entire website layout using Divi. 

In today's technological world, having a responsive website is critical. With Divi, the process of building beautiful responsive websites is easy. Divi is responsive by nature and also gives you full control over how your website looks on mobile devices.

While Divi is a very stable drag and drop WordPress builder, it may stop responding from time to time (due to server resources or plugin conflict). When this happens, here are some tips to fix Divi not loading issue.

Let's take a look at the quick video below to see Divi Builder in action.

Part B: Is X Theme Easy To Use?

In terms of functionality, X Theme is rather on par with Divi. The visual builder that is powered by Cornerstone is powerful and once you get the hang of it, it can be rather effective in building the type of WordPress pages that you have been looking for.

There's what it looks like on the backend of X Theme.

X Theme Cornerstone Review Divi vs X Theme

For the record, Cornerstone is a good WordPress visual builder but there is still some level of limitation and speed (effectiveness) in building WordPress websites.

Just like the Divi theme, X theme visual builder may not work from time to time. And when this happens, clearing the WordPress cache often solves the issue.

4. Divi vs X Theme: Which Has More Bloatware?

WordPress Theme Bloatware Divi vs X Theme

Our chief editor at WP Maven advised us not to publish this, but we ought to be different. We want to provide an honest Divi vs X Theme review, and talking about bloatware is important.

Both Divi and X Theme are known of their bloatware (especially when you install them directly and not removing/disable any features).

Part A: Is Divi Builder Filled With Bloatware?

Divi is a comprehensive WordPress visual builder. A comprehensive tool (in this case) will have bloatware and there's nothing the developers could really do about it.

If you install a pre-made demo with Divi, you will almost instantly noticed a significant load in the website loading speed and the size of the page will increase dramatically. This happens because Divi would need to load all the CSS, JS and HTML files (regardless if you are using or not using them).

Ultimately, your website will be around 1.5 to 3mb in size and takes around 2 to 5 seconds to load on a shared web hosting service.

How to make Divi webite faster?

  • Remove unwanted CSS
  • Install cache plugin
  • Use better web hosting service
  • Optimize images sizes

Part B: Is X Theme Filled With Bloatware?

X Theme is sold on ThemeForest and WordPress themes sold there are often known to be filled with bloatware. If you want to know more, check out this discussion on Reddit.

The X Theme has some level of bloatware and when comparing Divi vs X Theme, X has slightly lesser bloatware.

P.S. The amount of bloatware is very much dependable to each person and personal preferences. By default Divi comes with more bloatware and it is proven through the large page size when you build WordPress website with Divi.

5. Pricing Structure Between Divi and X Theme

Pricing Comparison X Theme vs Divi Theme

Pricing will always play a role in any theme and plugin comparison—and this applies to Divi vs X Theme too. Carry on reading the comparison below to see which theme builder is worth the money.

Part A: Divi Pricing

We want to be honest. We love Divi pricing. It's straightforward and very affordable (profitable) especially when you are a freelance website developer or running a WordPress agency.

Let's see the pricing structure, shall we?

Divi Yearly Access

Access To Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch
Hundreds Of Website Packs
Product Updates
Premium Support
Unlimited Website Usage
30 Days Risk-Free Guarantee
sign up now

Divi Lifetime Access

Access To Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch
Hundreds Of Website Packs
Product Updates
Premium Support
Unlimited Website Usage
30 Days Risk-Free Guarantee
One-Time Payment
Sign up now

The biggest advantage using Divi is the one-time payment for unlimited usage. If you are a freelance WordPress developer or running a WordPress agency, this is by far the best deal you can get with Divi Themes.

Part B: X Theme Pricing

X Theme by THEMECO comes with a single pricing of $59 for a single WordPress website. Here's what it comes with X Theme pricing structure.

X Theme (Single Website)

Single Website Installation
All Future Updates
Special Web Hosting Offer
6 Months Support
Premium Plugins Included
Buy Now

Divi Theme vs X Theme: Who Is The Clear Winner?

Divi and X Theme are two of the best WordPress visual builders in the market. When it comes to comparing them, we concluded that Divi Theme is the better option because it comes with lifetime updates and support. Compared to X Theme, X only offers 6 months support and shall you require extended support, additional fees are required.

In terms of WordPress visual builder performance and ease of use, Divi excels again with constant updates and low learning curve. The front-end editor is excellent for beginners and professionals to design WordPress websites fast.

Which is your favorite WordPress builder? Divi Builder or X Theme?

Article written by Editorial Team

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