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Introducing Elementor Table of Content Widget

Elementor Table of Content Widget

Table Of Content Widget for Elementor

Elementor Pro users can now rejoice. Finally, Table of Content (TOC) widget is available within Elementor Pro and was officially announced here.

If you can't wait to hear this news and want to see the Elementor TOC in action, I recommend you to take a look at this quick video.

Advantages using Elementor Table of Content Widget

We heard about TOC and some of us even use TOC on our blogs and on client's blog. If you are undecided, here are 4 reasons why table of content element is important for a blog.
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Readability Boost

Keep skimmers on your page by providing a summary of the content (which is clickable).
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Accessibility Boost

Table of Content allows website readers to 1-click the resources without going through the hassle.
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SEO Advantage

Table of Content markup sends the right signals to Google to rank your website on search results.
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Reduce Bounce Rate

Table of Content helps to reduce bounce rate and improves your overall SEO score.

How Does The Table Of Content Looks Like In Elementor?

Elementor Table of Content Widget Layout

According to Elementor, the TOC widget is the most customizable, feature-rich widget of its kind. It considerably simplifies the process of making your content accessible, allowing readers to scan it and get a sense of the structure of what they are reading.

You can set it up for individual pages and posts, or spread it across your entire site with a single click, by using Theme Builder to incorporate it.

Here's what we think at WP Maven. Table of Content by Elementor is slick and looks awesome to the eyes. And the launch of this TOC widget helps to solve one of the biggest question asked by website owners. TOC widget helps not only with SEO but also helps in giving the readability boost your website needs.

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What Is A Table Of Content?

What Is Table Of Content In WordPress

A Table of Contents is a tool that dynamically generates a list of links that connects your reader to the different sections on your page. If you are using WordPress, there are quite a few table of content plugins that you can use (including Elementor's).

By using a Table of Content widget, it improves your article’s readability, accessibility and SEO. It helps Google, as well as readers, better understand the structure of your site. This in turn, also aids in getting listed in rich snippets on top of Google’s search results.

Here's how it looks like when Google picks up your table of content widget and display it on search result pages.

Table of Content Impacts SEO

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Advantages Using Elementor Table of Content Widget

Absolute Control Over Which Subtitles Get Listed

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With Elementor's Table of Content widget, you now have absolute control on what shows up in the TOC display. Choose H1 to H6 title tags and many other options to customize your blog post (for readability).

Sticky Table of Contents That Gets Highlighted

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Elementor allows you to set a color or an underline for active (when a certain title is in view). This helps to highlight the area of the page the visitor is currently reviewing. Similarly, you can have the sub-item expand automatically when the visitor reaches that area. 

The Most Flexible Table of Contents Design

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Most TOC plugins in the market require some level of coding skills to customize it correctly. But with the Elementor's TOC widget, you can now take any action from word wrap to typography and spacing down to the box design. You can customize this widget to fit any type of WordPress website.

Minimized Setting for Tablet & Mobile Displays

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With Elementor's TOC widget, you can control the settings for table and mobile. To do so, switch on the ‘Minimize Box’ option, and the Table of Contents box will show an icon to minimize it. You can set it as minimized for mobile and tablet displays by default. This way it is still usable for the visitor, and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Pro Gallery Widget With Lazy Loading Feature

And if you think that's all, you are absolutely wrong. Elementor dropped the mic (again) with Lazy Loading feature on it's Pro Gallery widget.

Lazy Load is a WordPress feature used by website developers to improved the performance and load time of the page with selected image loading. In other words, the page only loads the required section and delays the loading of the images in the gallery.

Take a look at the quick video snippet below.

Are You Ready To Try The New Elementor Table Of Content Widget?

We are curious on what you think of this. Use the comment form below and tell us what you think (and let's discuss further).

Are you using Elementor Pro and it's new Table of Content widget?

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