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6 Free WordPress Image Optimization Plugin

Best Free WordPress Image Optimizer
Which is the best WordPress image optimizer plugin?

Having an optimized image helps to improve website loading speed. This is exceptionally important for website owners who use a shared hosting plan. If you are on managed WordPress hosting solutions, the servers are often more powerful and have a lesser impact on the overall loading speed. If you perform a search on Google, you will find there are many free WordPress image optimization plugin in the market.

In this article, we will dive deep into some of the most popular image optimizer WordPress plugins and ultimately, find the best WordPress imagine optimization plugin for you.

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Which Are The Top WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin?

Plugin Name Free Version Paid Version Review
ImagifyYes, up to 25MB per monthYes, starts from $4.16 per monthRead the review
ShortPixelYes, up to 100 images per monthYes, starts from $4.99 per 5,000 imagesRead the review Yes, unlimited usageNoRead the review
EWWW Image OptimizerYesYes, starts from $9 per month for better image optimization performanceRead the review
WP SmushYes, limited featuresYes, starts from $79 per year including all WPMU Dev premium pluginsRead the review
KrakenYes, 100MB of free testing quota (not renewable)Yes, starts from $5 per month for 500MB imagesRead the review

There you go, 6 of the best image optimization plugins for WordPress. Now, let's get into each one.

1. Imagify

Imagify best and free image optimization plugin
Imagify is a popular image optimization tool for WordPress

Imagify is the top in the list of best WordPress image optimization plugins because we use it ourselves on WP Maven's blog. For starters, this plugin is apart of WP Rocket dev team and it works really well with WP Rocket cache plugin.

Imagify allows you to:

  • ✔️ 3 levels of compression
  • ✔️ WebP version
  • ✔️ Easy to use and integrate with WordPress core
  • ✔️ Free imagine optimization (25MB) per month is roughly around 250 images
  • ✔️ Affordable pricing (paid plans)
Free planOptimize images up to a total of 25MB per month
Paid plansStarts from $4.16 with 1GB image optimization per month

Summary: Imagify is a great image optimization plugin for WordPress. The free plan allows you to optimize a significant amount of images on WordPress before you had to jump over to the paid plans.

2. ShortPixel

ShortPixel Best Free WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin
ShortPixel is a well-known WordPress image optimizer plugin

ShortPixel is one of the most hyped image optimization plugins for WordPress. For starters, when they launched their lifetime deal (LTD) on AppSumo, everyone in the WordPress community nearly went crazy (well, some did thou!).

Side note: we tested this image optimizer for WordPress and we really love it.

ShortPixel allows you to:

  • ✔️ Choose 3 options for image optimization (lossless, lossy or glossy)
  • ✔️ One API for multi-sites
  • ✔️ 1-click backup and restore images
  • ✔️ Available on both WordPress plugin and browser (manual) optimization
Free planOptimize images up to 50 images per time (browser level) and up to 100 images per month
Paid plansMonthly plans start at $4.99 for 5,000 images. There are also one-time and dedicated servers too.

Summary: ShortPixel is a great alternative to Imagify and by far, one of the most popular WordPress image optimization plugins for bloggers.


reSmushIt Best Free WordPress Image Optimization Plugin is a 100% free image optimizer for WordPress

We came across by accident—thanks to WP Beginner. is a free image optimizer for WordPress that doesn't cost you a dime. Like seriously.

Using an image compression plugin is important. Instead of spending money on image optimization tools and going through all the hassle of optimizing an image, an image compression plugin will automate the job for you. Tools such as ShortPixel and Imagify offer free version but only for a small number of images per month.

This is where comes into play as one of the best free image compression plugin. This tool is literally free to use for life.

4. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer Best Free WordPress Image Optimization Plugin
EWWW Image Optimizer is a free image optimization plugin for WordPress

EWWW Image Optimizer plugin is another popular image optimizer in the WordPress industry. Some of our WordPress clients are using this plugin and it certainly serves many.

At this point of time, it has garnered over 700,000 active downloads and has 525+ 5-stars reviews on Take a look at EWWW Image Optimizer pricing below.

Free planUnlimited image optimization without any limitation
Paid plansStarts at $9 per month with additional features such as CDN hosting, resizing, cloud servers (instead of hosting on your own WordPress site) and 1-click image optimization.

Summary: EWWW Image Optimizer plugin is an excellent freemium tool for bloggers and WordPress owners who want to server optimized images to their website visitors.

5. WP Smush

WP Smush Best Free WordPress Image Optimization Plugin
WP Smush is a free and paid WordPress image optimizer plugin

Previously known as, it was acquired by WPMU Dev and renamed to WP Smush (free version) and WP Smush Pro (paid version).

We want to be honest. There are many mixed feelings about WP Smush and WP Beginner had shared some findings here.

Here's what you will get with WP Smush image optimizer plugin for WordPress:

Free planBasic image optimization
Paid plansStarts at $79 per year for all WPMU Dev plugins including WP Smush Pro. It comes with 2x image optimization and CDN services.

Summary: WP Smush is an 'okay' image optimizer plugin that is easy to use. However, the features in the free plan are far off from the pack. However, the Smush Pro plan is rather good as compared to its competitors.

6. Kraken

Kraken Image Optimizer Best Free WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin offer web-based and plugin for image optimization

Last but not least, image optimizer for WordPress. We tested Kraken and by far, it is a rather good image optimization tool for WordPress. It's the only downside the is the pricing (more on that below).

The advantages of using Kraken image optimizer plugin:

  • ✔ 100MB of free testing quota
  • ✔️ URL paster
  • ✔️ Page cruncher
  • ✔️ Optimization stats and history
Free planNew users will be given 100MB image optimization quota for testing (not renewable)
Paid plansStarts from $5 per month for 500MB image optimization

Here's the problem. Kraken isn't really a free image optimizer plugin for WordPress because it offers only 100MB space and it is not renewable. We decided to add Kraken into the list of free image optimizer for WordPress because 100MB is a nice start for those who are just starting a WordPress blog.

Summary: Kraken is another 'okay' image optimizer plugin and best for WordPress beginners who are just starting out. For heavy usage, you might need to pay faster than most of the competitors out there.

Which Is The Best And Free WordPress Image Optimization Plugin?

It is hard to decide and if we had to choose, our options would either be Imagify or ShortPixel. Both of these WordPress image optimization plugins work well with the majority of the WordPress themes and plugins.

More importantly, they are able to create great optimized images in just a few clicks of the button (and even automation.

All of these plugins would require you to install into your WordPress site before being able to use. Learn how to install WordPress plugin here.

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