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What Is Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin?

Google announced that its Web Stories WordPress plugin is out of beta and available at the WordPress Plugin Repository. This plugin makes it easy for WordPress publishers to create content in the Google Web Stories format, enabling publishers to attract more visitors.

The plugin was previously available at GitHub as a beta version. It is now available as a full WordPress plugin.

What is Google Web Stories?

According to Google Developer's knowledge base, a Web Story is a visual storytelling format in Google Search results that immerses the user in a tap-through full-screen experience. Web Stories can also appear in Google Images, Discover, and the Google app.

Why does Google Web Stories matters?

What is Google Web Stories
~What is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories is a function that allows website owners to generate more traffic (for free) through interactive, news-like content. By using Google Web Stories, website owners can now easily tap into additional web resources including showing up on various Google applications such as Google Images, Discover and Google app.

How do I create a Google web story in WordPress?

How To Create Google Web Stories In WordPress
~How to create Google Web Stories in WordPress?

The recent launch of Google Web Stories plugin makes it extremely easy for WordPress users to create stories on Google.

Here's how it is done.

Step 1: Download and install Google Web Stories WordPress plugin

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin
~Google Web Stories WordPress plugin

Head over to WordPress admin » Plugins » Add New. Key in "Web Stories" in the search bar and look for the plugin whose developer is Google.

Click on Install Now and followed by Activate.

Step 2: Setup Web Stories by Google plugin

The next step involves creating your first story. Head over to WordPress admin » Stories » Dashboard. Here, you will be able to configure and setup web stories by Google plugin.

Web Stories Templates
~Web Stories templates

Web Stories comes with several templates that you can use simply by clicking on the template and import it.

Step 3: Customize Web Stories

Finally, customizing web stories is easy with the inbuilt visual builder. Here's how it looks like on the backend.

Web Stories Visual Editor
~Web Stories visual editor

Based on our tests moments earlier, the visual editor is rather basic. While it is not buggy, the amount of customizations that you can do to it is rather limited in many ways.

Since this is just the first version since the public listing of the plugin, we expect it to be flexible and feature-rich in the coming months.

Summary: Google Web Stories WordPress plugin

There is no doubt that this plugin is an excellent addon especially for website owners who are serious of generating more traffic to their website.

Overall, Google Web Stories WordPress plugin is an easy to use plugin with close to zero setup or configuration required.

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