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Gutenberg vs Divi: 10 Powerful Comparisons For The Best Builder

Is Gutenberg the best alternative to Divi Builder plugin? In this article, we will dive deep into the comparison between Gutenberg vs Divi. If you are also a Thrive Architect user like we do, we recommend you to read out Gutenberg vs Thrive Architect post review too (don't worry, clicking on the link will open up another browser tab for you).

Since 2019, Gutenberg had been constantly updating the functions within its core and it is coming close to compete heavily with major visual builder plugins like Divi Builder.

For WordPress beginners, the thought on "Gutenberg vs Divi" is definitely in the mind and we hope that this article will share some lights.

What is Gutenberg Blocks?

what is gutenberg wordpress plugin
what is gutenberg wordpress plugin

Gutenberg Blocks is a new, inbuilt content creation tool found in WP-Admin. The creation of Gutenberg Blocks is to help beginners create beautiful posts and pages in WordPress without coding skills.

Gutenberg Blocks is free to use and it started out on a rocky road. During the early beta days, Gutenberg Blocks were always being 'pushed aside' because it wasn't able to compete with most WordPress builders.

Until today, Gutenberg Blocks has yet to be able to provide features sought by many WordPress users, but it certainly provides a wide range of WordPress customization (thanks to the numerous Gutenberg addons available to download).

Divi Builder Plugin

Divi vs Gutenberg
Divi is a popular WordPress builder theme and plugin

One of the most popular WordPress drag and drop builders in the market, Divi is used by both professionals and beginners in designing WordPress websites. if you want to learn more about Divi, we recommend you to head over to our Divi Theme review for more information.

It offers frontend editing capability, along with complete control on WordPress customization designs. Everything on Divi Builder plugin is done via drag and drop—thus, no coding skills are ever required.

Overall, Divi Builder plugin is an excellent WordPress plugin that is easy to use, affordable and powerful (even in the hands of a beginner).

Gutenberg vs Divi Builder Plugin

FeaturesGutenberg BlocksDivi Builder Plugin
Visual EditorYes but limited functionsYes
Responsive editing (ability to view different screen sizes at real-time)NoYes
Number of elements/blocks/ and demosOver 66 elementsOver 900+ elements and demos
Width and length controlLimitedYes
Content animationYes with addon pluginsYes
Table of contentYes with addon pluginsYes with addon plugins
Reuseable (saved) elementsYesYes
Downloadable AddonsYesYes
PricingFreeStarts fro $89 per year access and $249 for a lifetime license

Gutenberg Review — Overall

Gutenberg Blocks are great WordPress tools for WordPress beginners, seasoned WordPress personnel and website developers. For the record, Gutenberg Blocks are always considered as one of the best Divi Builder alternatives.

We even use Gutenberg Blocks with two other free Gutenberg Addons to create this post on Gutenberg vs Divi Builder.

The only downside of Gutenberg Blocks is that it is not entirely a visual builder. It only helps to make content creation easier on WordPress. At this point of writing, Gutenberg Blocks is still not a replacement for WordPress visual builders such as Oxygen Builder and Thrive Architect.

Summary: Gutenberg Blocks is an excellent WordPress builder for WordPress beginners. For a free version (along with the support from the WordPress core team), this is definitely a must-have for those who are starting a WordPress blog.

Divi Builder — Overall

Divi Builder plugin is a complete WordPress visual builder that beats Gutenberg at any time of the day. In terms of functionality, Divi Builder is powerful and offers unlimited customization in WordPress.

Divi Builder allows you to customize and edit WordPress content on both frontend and backend. At the same time, Divi is both a theme and a plugin that can be installed separately (choose the plugin option if you are using another WordPress theme).

Lastly, Divi Builder plugin also comes with inbuilt CSS minification features to ensure that your WordPress loads faster with Divi.

Summary: Divi Builder is a powerful WordPress plugin that offers great flexibility in WordPress designing. With over 900+ elements and demos available to download, Divi Builder is a powerful, effective and highly recommended WordPress drag and drop builder.

Recap: Divi vs Gutenberg

In this Gutenberg vs Divi review, it is clear that Divi Builder is the clear winner. There is no doubt that Divi is the better option compared to Gutenberg and with the lifetime license, it is definitely worth the money!

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