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How To Change Permalink In WordPress?

How To Change A WordPress Permalink
What is a permalink and how to change permalink in WordPress?

How do you change the permalink in WordPress? If you are an absolute WordPress beginner, this WordPress tutorial is exactly what you need. In this article, you will find simple steps to change your WordPress permalink to be SEO friendly.

The process of choosing the right permalink is extremely important for those who are just starting a WordPress blog.

IMPORTANT: It is not recommended to change the permalink for a live WordPress site with live articles. Changing the permalink will alter all the existing URL's and will lead to multiple 404 errors. If you want to change the permalink, it is best to use a redirection plugin to ensure that redirection is done correctly.

These are the exact and only correct steps you need to take in order to change the WordPress permalinks permanently.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress backend

Login to WordPress to change permalinks
Login to WordPress to change permalinks

To change permalink in WordPress, you can need to do so through your WordPress admin.

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How To Change Permalink In WordPress Settings
How to change permalinks in WordPress?

The next step is to go to Settings » Permalinks. Clicking on Permalinks will help you configure how the permalink works for your WordPress site.

Change Permalink URL In WordPress
Change Permalink URL in WordPress

The above are the different permalink types you can choose from. By default, permalinks for all WordPress sites are set to Plain

If you want to change the WordPress permalink to , you need to select Post name. This option is the best for SEO too.

There are also different permalink options such as:

  • Day and name
  • Month and name
  • Numeric
  • Custom structure

The best permalink for WordPress (one that is often used by most WordPress site owners) is Post Name. It is straightforward and send the right signals to search engines for proper indexation.

Last but not least, we are a strong advocate for Post Name when it comes to WordPress permalink. This option for permalink helps you to have a shorter URL and probably, memorable for your website readers.

Are you using Post Name like we do for your WordPress permalinks? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

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