Written by Editorial Team on September 17, 2020

How to Quickly Export WordPress Analytics with Google Analytics?

Did you know that exporting your data is a native function in Google Analytics, available in nearly every report in Google analytics? If you are using WordPress, you can easily export WordPress analytics with Google Analytics.

And if it sounds like something very technical, we can assure you that it is not.

Here's what you will learn today.

Why do I want to share my Google Analytics data reports with others?

An excellent question and here's our answer. Sharing Google Analytics data and reports are often very common especially when you are working with marketing agencies, selling a domain or even offering guest postings.

In other words, showing solid statistics and data is one of the most effective ways to convince people over to your side. 

But there's a little problem when it comes to sharing Google Analytics data with others.

Granting permission to Google Analytics isn't safe (you know that). So, how do you safely share your reports?

Here are some awesome ways to do so.

Do you have clients who require weekly performance reports? With MonsterInsights Email Summaries you can easily solve this issue. You can now get important stats of your website delivered straight to your email inbox.

To view them, go to your WordPress dashboard and then navigate to Insights » Settings » Advanced. Now scroll to Email Summaries.

~Email Summaries setting on MonsterInsights

You can even create custom headers to add your own brand logo to give a personal touch to your reports!

MonsterInsights WordPress plugin allows you to easily download any report as a PDF file and share it it in just a few clicks.

Simply click on the button and get properly formatted reports to share with others.

~Export reports in PDF formats using MonsterInsights

There will also be times where you have to give Google Analytics access to others, so that others may see the reports.

But you can control different user roles and allow only a few people to view Google Analytics reports. You can also control who can save settings in Analytics and who can’t.

And make this process simple and efficient, you can use MonsterInsights. It helps you easily manage Google Analytics permissions from your WordPress dashboard.

Just go to Insights » Settings » Advanced and then navigate to Permissions. Here you can see which user roles can view reports, save settings, and which roles are excluded from tracking.

~Configuring permission level using MonsterInsights


Exporting WordPress analytics is fairly easy especially when you have the knowledge and skills. And if you don't, there are many other WordPress plugins in the market that you can use to automate the task!

For us, we find MonsterInsights fairly easy to use — and you can download MonsterInsights for free right here!

Article written by Editorial Team

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