Written by Editorial Team on June 27, 2021

How To Generate More WordPress Leads Using Polls And Surveys?

Do you want to generate more leads for your WordPress website? If so, polls are a great way to do it! With polls, you can ask questions that directly relate to the services or products people are looking for. Then, when they respond with an answer, they'll have given you valuable information that will help you better serve their needs and increase your conversion rates.

In this blog post, we'll talk about how polls work and the benefits of using them in your marketing strategy!

Do polls work in generating leads on WordPress sites?

Yes! Polls are a great way to generate leads because they make it easy for your visitors to give you information about themselves. All polls do is ask questions and then collect the answers people provide, which means that you don't have to spend any money on advertising or other expensive marketing strategies. You can also use polls as an engaging entry point to encourage people to subscribe to your blog or visit your website.

When they respond with an answer, they'll have given you valuable information that will help you better serve their needs and increase your conversion rates.

What are the advantages of using polls in WordPress?

Polls allow you to engage your visitors and get feedback that will help improve the service on your site. A poll also has a low barrier for entry, so it's easier than ever to create polls with WordPress plug-ins or tools like SurveyMonkey.

Including polls in your marketing strategy can be an easy way to generate more leads especially when the cost of paid advertising increases dramatically.

How to generate more WordPress leads using polls?

  1. Start by creating a poll with a compelling question
  2. Make sure the poll is easy to vote on and answer for your visitors
  3. Promote the blog post by sharing it on social media, emailing it out, or posting about it in forums
  4. Keep track of how many votes you get and what people are saying 
  5. Share the results with others for feedback 
  6. Use this feedback to improve future polls or other content marketing strategies

WordPress is home to thousands of plugins and there is no difference when it comes to polls and surveys. Recently, we have been using WPForms extensively and its new poll and survey addon is rather awesome.

Here are the features of the new WPForms poll and survey addon:

  • Smart Survey Fields
  • Best-in-class Survey Reports
  • Export / Share Individual Charts
  • Customizable Print Styles
  • Powerful Survey Logic
  • New Form Templates

How much does WPForms costs?

WPForms is a premium plugin that starts at $29 per year.

A free trial version of the polls addon can be found here too.

As a recap, polls and surveys allow website owners to understand their customers and at the same time, build their email list.

We know it can be hard to make content marketing without polls and surveys, so we hope this article has helped you out.

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Article written by Editorial Team

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