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How To Improve WordPress Site Health Score?

How to improve site health in WordPress
Site health status on WordPress

If you are using the latest WordPress version, you will notice that there's a new option for Site Health. If you are seeing words such as Need Improvement or Critical, you know that you need to take action because your WordPress site needs help. So, how to improve WordPress site health and get to Good or Great?

In the next 5 minutes, we are going to show you how you can improve WordPress site health status.

Step 1: Pinpoint WordPress issues

The first step in improving WordPress site health status is by discovering the problems you are potentially experiencing.

Here's how it is done.

Head over to WordPress dashboard » Tools » Site Health » Status.

Ways To Improve WordPress Site Health
Use the recommended improvements to improve WordPress site health

Click on the Status tab and you will see a list of recommendations to improve your WordPress site health. Click on the dropdown button to have a better understanding of the problem.

Most of the recommendations would come with solutions. There are two types of recommendations that you will face—one which you can solve yourself and another would require assistance with your web hosting company.

In the image above, Site Health is saying that one of our site's PHP is not updated to the latest version. Upgrading the PHP version will improve the site's overall performance and stability. Since that particular site is hosted on Kinsta (here's our Kinsta review), we easily changed the PHP version in just a few clicks.

Upgrade PHP version to improve site health
Upgrade PHP version to improve site health

Step 2: Recheck Configurations

This step is rather straightforward. Once you had done the changes required, the system will automatically recheck and ensure that everything is in order. The new health status for your WordPress should be ready within a few minutes.

Bonus: How To Make Full Use Of WordPress Site Health Check?

What is WordPress Site Health score
How to get perfect WordPress site health score?

The Site Health setting comes in four parts:

  • Status
  • Info
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tools

Take time to learn these four parts because they can make your WordPress better (either load faster or improve security level).

Status. 1-click to learn all the health issues related to your WordPress site. This tab offers you solutions too.

Info. This tab can show you every detail about the configuration of your WordPress website.

Troubleshooting. An inbuilt maintenance mode to help you resolve critical errors. The best part about this feature is that upon enabling maintenance mode, all plugins and themes will be inactive to you (logged-in administrator) and NOT for your website visitors. Therefore, your site will look like normal in the frontend.

Tools. 1-click features to help you check for email delivery, file integrity and plugin compatibility.

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