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3 Steps To Install A Subdomain In Another Server [Beginner Friendly Guide]

How do you install a subdomain on another server without affecting your primary domain and hosting? This was one of the smartest questions that were thrown at us during our last WordPress meetup. In today's WordPress tutorial, we are going to show you exactly on how to install a subdomain in another server (how to install a WordPress subdomain in another web hosting).

Why Do I Need To Install A Subdomain In Another Server?

How To Setup A Subdomain And Install WordPress
Easy steps to setup a subdomain and install WordPress

There are several reasons you want to do this. For example, it may be a staging area or a non-productive WordPress site. You don't want to increase the load in your current hosting server or simply, you want to try out new configuration. Or maybe, your current web hosting had hit the limits and you can no longer add new domains into your account.

Either way, installing a subdomain in another web hosting account is a good move if you want to keep it separate from your primary account.

How To Install A WordPress Subdomain In Another Hosting Server?

Lucky for you, installing a subdomain in another hosting server is easy. There are 3 steps that you need to take.

  • Create a new account in your hosting server
  • Add / modify the A record on your primary server
  • Install WordPress CMS for your subdomain

Step 1: Create a new account in your hosting server

Create A New Account In WHM How To Install Subdomain In Another Hosting Server
Create a new account in WHM

For this example, we are creating a demo install for easier understanding. We use HostWithLove reseller cPanel shared web hosting solution. The process of adding a new subdomain to your account wouldn't take more than 30 seconds.

The domain name should be {subdomain}.{domainname}. For example, we are working on our WordPress membership site,

Step 2: Install WordPress To The New Subdomain

Install WordPress In Subdomain How To Install Subdomain In Another Hosting Server
Using 1-click WordPress installer to install WordPress CMS

Next, head over to 1-click installer option to install WordPress. Some web hosting solutions such as HostWithLove and BlueHost offers 1-click WordPress solution which is time-saving.

Step 3: Add / modify A record

Now, go back to your primary hosting server. Search for the DNS Manager and add the A record to point to the subdomain hosting server.

Not sure what is your server IP address? Contact your web host and they will be happy to provide it to you (make sure you don't share it with the world, thou).

We use Kinsta DNS and this is how it looks like. Other web hosting solutions have DNS Manager but it may look different.

DNS propagation would take anywhere from an hour to 48 hours to propagate properly. If you are seeing an add looking landing page such as the below, it means that you had not install WordPress CMS properly.

WordPress Not Installed Properly DNS How To Install Subdomain In Another Hosting Server
Reinstall WordPress CMS if you see this

Summary: Creating A New Subdomain In Another Hosting

The process of creating a new subdomain in another hosting server and with WordPress installed is rather easy. We hope that you find this tutorial useful and please share this with your friends!

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