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7 Steps To Keep WordPress Secure Like Fort Knox

How To Keep WordPress Secure
6 steps to effectively keep WordPress secure

Keeping your WordPress secure is an important step. With the constant vulnerability within WordPress core, themes and plugins, it is always important to keep updated with the latest WordPress security tips. In this post, we will highlight some of the most common WordPress security flaws and more importantly, steps you need to do to ensure that your WordPress site is always safe.

Let's get started with the best tips to keep your WordPress site safe.

1. Reliable Web Hosting

Reliable WordPress Hosting How To Keep WordPress Secure
Keep WordPress secure by using reliable WordPress hosting

We hate to break this to you, but cheap WordPress hosting solutions often don't offer much security features for your beloved site. Therefore, using a reliable WordPress host that you can truly believe is mission-critical.

Looking for a reliable WordPress hosting that cares for your website security? Here are our picks.

2. Avoid Nulled Themes And Plugins

Nulled Cracked WordPress Theme Plugin How To Keep WordPress Secure
Avoid nulled and cracked themes/plugins to keep WordPress secure

There is absolutely no reason why you need to use those nulled WordPress themes and plugins.

Does saving a couple of dollars gives you any benefit in terms of hacking protections? Absolutely not!

If you are just starting a WordPress blog and want to go on money-saving mode, then you should use all-in-one WordPress tools such as Divi. For a single payment of $89 (yearly) or $249 (lifetime), you have access to all the themes and plugins to create beautiful WordPress sites.

Don't go cheap on WordPress themes and plugins. If you are on a budget, we recommend you to use Divi. Check out our Divi Theme review here.

3. Use A WordPress Security Plugin

WordPress Security Plugin How To Keep WordPress Secure
Install a security plugin to keep WordPress secure

Having a WordPress security plugin can severely impact your website loading speed. However, installing a WordPress security plugin is important especially when you are using a shared hosting solution like BlueHost. These security plugins will provide a virtual security wall and if configured correctly, you can keep hackers at bay.

Here's a list of highly recommended WordPress security plugins:

4. Cloudflare

Cloudflare How To Keep WordPress Secure
Cloudflare is a security and CDN tool for WordPress sites

Cloudflare is an awesome security tool for WordPress sites. With Cloudflare, you can easily avoid DDoS attacks and malicious attempts on your site.

Apart from that, Cloudflare is easy to use (you don't have to install a WordPress plugin) and it provides content delivery network (CDN) services.

In other words, your website will load faster and you can serve content much faster to your website audience. Cloudflare is free to use and you can register for an account here.

5. Backup WordPress Site

WordPress Backup Plugin How To Keep WordPress Secure
Keep your WordPress site backup on a daily basis

If you are looking for "how to keep WordPress secure", back up your WordPress site is extremely critical. One of the primary reasons to maintain a backup system is to ensure that your data will be safe, even in situations like hacking attempt and malicious codes found within your database. That means you need to have a full backup of your site in place, and the same goes for your personal data as well.

With a backup, you can easily restore the clean site, reduce the downtime and minimizing the loss of revenue.

Here are some of the best backup services for a WordPress site:

6. Control WordPress User Access

Control WordPress User Access How To Keep WordPress Secure
Control the access level of the users on your WordPress site

Last but not least, securing a WordPress site involves knowing/controlling your user's access. If you have a multi-author WordPress site, you need to focus on keeping the WordPress site secure.

This can be done by:

  • Administrators access are only given to a few trusted authors or website owners
  • Other users are given either Editor or Contributor access level
  • Tweak each user access level to ensure that they are only given the needed access to perform daily tasks (without sacrificing your WordPress security)

7. Keep Theme And Plugin Updated

Keep WordPress Updated How To Keep WordPress Secure
Keeping your site updated is important to keep WordPress secured

Keeping themes and plugins updated with the latest version is very important especially in securing your WordPress site.

There will be vulnerabilities from time to time (such as this and this) that we just cannot avoid. By default, we recommend you to check for WordPress updates at least once a month.

If you are managing multiple WordPress sites, you should use free WordPress site management tool such as ManageWP for 1-click update.

Summary: Keep WordPress Secure Right Now

We can't stress this enough but keeping your WordPress site secure is very important. We recommend you to follow these security tips to ensure your WordPress site is free from vulnerabilities.

Want to add WordPress security tips to this post? Tell us in the comments below!

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