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How To Migrate To Kinsta Hosting Without Downtime?

How To Migrate WordPress Site To Kinsta Hosting
Step by step guide to migrate to Kinsta hosting

How To Migrate WordPress Site To Kinsta Hosting

You read how great Kinsta hosting is (we hope you get it from our Kinsta Review) and you can’t wait to do the migration. But you might just be like us—you want to handle the migration on your own (and you are worried about migration downtime).

It doesn’t matter if you are knowledgeable (or not), but the feeling of migrating your own website might be enough to drive you “high”. Don’t worry, we felt the same too.

In this post, you are going to learn everything about Kinsta migration and how you can easily migrate to Kinsta hosting without paying for migration fees. More importantly, we will show you the exact steps we took to migrate our site to Kinsta without any downtime (and without spending a single dollar for migration). This is a beginner-friendly migration tutorial, we promise!

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Migrating to Kinsta hosting

Migrating to Kinsta hosting can be done easily without any outside support

Why We Choose Kinsta?

There are many other WordPress hosting solutions out there, but we decided to end up with Kinsta. And the reason is obvious.

For us, we are in the WordPress business and we are looking for a web hosting solution that can be our partner in crime. Through our experience, a good web host ensures that your website is running with good uptime.

A great web host takes deep consideration in ensuring that your website is constantly patched up with the latest WordPress vulnerabilities, malicious codes and hacking attempts. For us, Kinsta is the best WordPress hosting solution because they care about the clients (more than anyone else does).

But don't just take our word for it. You should try Kinsta right now and if you do, don't forget to tell us what you think/experience!

Best Way To Migrate To Kinsta Hosting

Just like migrating to any other WordPress host, there are a few ways you can take to migrate to Kinsta hosting. We did not take this route, but by far this is the best route for safe website migration. The best way to migrate WordPress site to Kinsta hosting is to use Kinsta premium migration service.

Don’t worry, this premium migration service is free for all Kinsta users.

When you sign up for Kinsta hosting, you will automatically get Kinsta premium hosting credit. You can use these credits to request for manual website migration to Kinsta hosting.

Kinsta migration services and credit
Kinsta offers basic and premium migration services

Basically, Kinsta hosting offers two simple migration options for all users.

If you are looking for a simple migration process that is hassle-free, the premium Kinsta migration is definitely the best option to go with. All you need to do is to send a request over to Kinsta with all your current hosting details and the migration will take place un 48 hours.

During this time, it is recommended not to perform any changes to your website.

Once the migration is completed, you will receive a notification on MyKinsta and via email. You would need to do the needed DNS changes and after the DNS propagation is completed, the process of migrating your WordPress website to Kinsta is finally completed.

Migrating To Kinsta Hosting Using WordPress Migration Plugin

Use WordPress migration plugin to migrate site to Kinsta hosting
Which is the best migration plugin for WordPress?

If you are like us and want to perform migration to Kinsta by yourself, this is a cool option to consider. You can also find related migration tutorial on the Kinsta blog.

There are several steps to migrate to Kinsta hosting manually, including:

  • ✔️ Doing a full website backup
  • ✔️ Create a new instance in Kinsta
  • ✔️ Install a migration plugin
  • ✔️ Setting up the migration plugin
  • ✔️ Check for migration status (and making the new hosting live)

Step 1: Do a full website backup before migration

The most basic step before doing any WordPress migration is to have a full website backup. While some website owners and developers believe this is not necessary, this is pretty much our ‘old school’ method that we practice. If you have no idea how to backup your site, speak to your current web hosting support for help.

Important: Disable all cache plugins before doing the backup and migration as it may create conflict with Kinsta’s server-level cache.

Migration Team @ WP Maven

Step 2: Create a new instance in Kinsta hosting

How to add domain to Kinsta hosting
Adding a site URL to Kinsta is the first step of migration

Add your first domain to Kinsta hosting

In order to perform migration to Kinsta hosting, you need to add/create a new domain on your Kinsta hosting account. Click on “add your first site now” and you will be greeted with a pop up as below.

How to install WordPress site to Kinsta
Adding a site to Kinsta

Select “Install a brand new WordPress” option and follow the instructions for creating a new site. It is important to remember that you need to consider the datacenter that you want to host your website.

For WP Maven, we decided to use United States-Iowa as this datacenter is powered by Google Cloud’s Compute-Optimized (C2) VMs (which is said to be more powerful and reliable). You can read more about this announcement here.

It would take around 3 to 5 minutes to create your domain on Kinsta. You will see this once it is completed.

Adding new domain to Kinsta
New site had been added to Kinsta and ready for migration

Step 3: Install Migrate Guru plugin

Migrate Guru is a free plugin for WordPress migration
Migrate Guru is a free plugin for WordPress migration

In order to migrate manually to Kinsta hosting, you need to use a migration plugin that is supported by Kinsta. We use Migrate Guru which is a free migration plugin that looks pretty similar to BlogVault and other WordPress migration services.

Follow these steps to start migrating to Kinsta hosting using the Migrate Guru plugin.

Setting Up Migrate Guru Plugin
Enter email address to start migrating to Kinsta
Select Web Hosting Company For Migration
Select Kinsta from the above options
Migrating to Kinsta hosting using plugin
Enter some details which are found on Kinsta backend and click "Migrate"
Wait for automated migration to complete
Migration to Kinsta hosting has started
Kinsta migration completed
Migration process is done and completed

Step 4: Create Kinsta DNS for your new site

How to create Kinsta DNS for WordPress
What is Kinsta DNS and how to create DNS for new sites?

After the files had been transferred to Kinsta, the next step is to create DNS on Kinsta. This allows your website to load through Kinta servers.

If you are using Cloudflare, we recommend you to stick to Kinsta DNS as it offers better performance and a significant boost in website performance. You can activate Kinsta CDN to have all your files served through powerful Kinsta CDN service.

Add domain URL to Kinsta DNS
Add domain URL to Kinsta DNS

Head over to Sites » Add domains to include your primary URL

We recommend you to enable the option “add domain(s) with and without www.”

Step 5: Search And Replace

Search and replace feature Kinsta hosting
Search and replace feature Kinsta hosting

During the migration process, your root domain URL will temporary changed to an alternative URL. During our test migration (while creating this guide), our temporary URL was

Using the Search And Replace option in Kinsta (head over to MyKinsta » Sites » Tools » Search And Replace), replace the temporary URL with your primary URL as seen in the screenshot above. This process takes a few minutes depending on the size of your website.

Step 6: Update Nameservers to complete the migration to Kinsta

The final step is to update the Nameservers to the ones that are hosted by Kinsta. It is important to understand that Kinsta comes with 4 nameservers as compared to most web hosting companies that come with 2 nameservers.

How Long Do The Nameservers Take To Propagate Completely?

Typically, it would take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours. Through our experience, we experience complete propagation in just an hour or so. The longest we ever waited was 26 hours (yes, we really counted!).

Summary: How To Migrate To Kinsta Hosting?

Our migration experience using Kinsta hosting is really awesome. Migrate Guru plugin is easy to use and it is really beginner-friendly. We did not experience any major issue, except for one tiny bit of code that was not migrated properly—resulting in our Oxygen Builder template not working properly.

Kinsta also comes with Basic migration services which you can opt for free (unlimited).

You are eligible for Basic migration if your current host is A2Hosting, Bluehost, Cloudways, DreamHost, Flywheel, GoDaddy, HostGator, Pagely, Pantheon, SiteGround, tsoHost, or WP Engine.

Migration @ Kinsta

Overall, Kinsta comes with several different migration options and we recommend you to use the premium migration services by Kinsta as it comes on complimentary.

Are you using Kinsta or still deciding? We are using Kinsta hosting and we can never be happier. Try Kinsta hosting today and be ready to be impressed with your website loading speed. Click here to get started.

Article written by Editorial Team

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