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How To Remove WordPress Category From URL?

How do you remove WordPress category from the URL but still want to display the subcategories? In this post, you will find one simple trick to easily remove WordPress category from URL. This trick works for all WordPress versions (as of now).

If you are using the older version of Yoast SEO plugin, there was an option to remove URL category from the URL.

How to easily remove a category from the URL?

The easiest way is to remove a category from the URL is by heading to your WordPress admin dashboard » Settings » Permalinks.

Next, select Custom Structure and remove everything in the column. Select %category% first and followed by %postname%.

Last but not least, head down to Category base and put a full stop in the column.

Remove WordPress Category From URL
~How to remove category from URL?

Putting a full stop is a signal to WordPress to remove the primary category from the URL and only display the subcategory of your choice.

Summary: Removing category from WordPress URL

That was fast, right? Removing the word category from WordPress URL is a great way to ensure that you are sending the right signals to Google and other search engines. This strategy is best especially if you want to classify specific keywords within the URL string.

Article written by Editorial Team

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