Complete Guide On How To Update WordPress Themes And Plugin

How to update WordPress
Step by step guide to update WordPress theme, plugin and cores

Installing a WordPress plugin is one thing. Keeping the themes and plugins updated is another. With today's constant security threats, it is important to keep your WordPress website updated. So, how to update WordPress themes and plugins?

There are several simple methods that you can follow. Take a look at the table below for a quick summary.

How To Update WordPress Themes And Plugins Manually?

At WP Maven, we love this method because it allows us to update various WordPress themes and plugins whenever we logged in to our client's website.

How to update WordPress themes and plugins manually? Follow these steps: WP Admin » Dashboard » Updates

How To Update WordPress Themes And Plugins Manually
Manually updating WordPress themes and plugins

Once the above is done, you will see the screen as below. Click on Check Again to recheck for updates. If you see any available updates, it is recommended to update them as soon as possible.

Updating WordPress Themes And Plugins
WordPress Updates Page
Important Note: It is always recommended to perform a full backup before updating WordPress themes and plugins. At times, some of the new versions are not compatible with your current WordPress setup and will lead to conflict, resulting in page unable to view or load properly.

How To Update WordPress Themes And Plugins Automatically?

This is another great method to ensure that your site is always updated with the latest version (especially in solving critical security vulnerabilities). It is important to note that only some themes and plugins offer automatic updates.

Advantages of automatic updating WordPress themes and plugins:

We are a huge fan of automated updating but it certainly does have some negative impacts, such as a higher chance of plugin conflict and WordPress site not loading properly. You might even lose access to WordPress backend if there is a conflict.

How To Update WordPress Using Third-Party Tools?

Last but not least, this is an excellent option for those who are managing multiple WordPress sites for clients. using 3rd party WordPress tools allow you to 1-click update everything.

We use ManageWP to update all the WordPress plugins and themes under one roof. Here's how it looks like on the backend.

How To Update WordPress Themes And Plugins Quickly
ManageWP backend and user-interface

ManageWP allows us to update everything with just 1-click, including performing website backups and security checks. If you are managing multiple WordPress sites and needs more time, this is a great way to ensure that your sites are always updated (and safe from hackers).

Using 3rd party tools allow you to easily manage multiple WordPress sites under one roof, but having a birdeye's view on all the site.

Editorial Team @ WP Maven

Summary: How To Update WordPress Themes And Plugins Correctly (And Quickly)?

There are many ways you can update WordPress themes and plugins. It really doesn't matter which method you take, but keeping WordPress themes and plugins updated is very important. If you are starting a blog, keeping your WordPress site updated is important.

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