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How To Use Google Analytics And MonsterInsights In WooCommerce?

Converting website visitors and shoppers into paying customer is the ultimate holy grail of a WooCommerce store. Achieving this is definitely one of the long term goals for all eCommerce store owners. In this article, we will show you exact steps to add Google Analytics into WooCommerce so that you know exactly what's happening to your store—what's making website visitors dropping off, which product has the highest purchase, so on and so forth.

In today's competitive eCommerce industry, having an awesome WooCommerce hosting solution is not sufficient if you are talking about ROI, ROAS or layman's term, growth. You need analytics to guide you straight to where it matters because it simplifies matters for your business.

When it comes to WooCommerce analytics, there is no denying that Google Analytics is one of the best in the market but it is also by far, the hardest for beginners especially when it comes to integrating Google Analytics to WooCommerce.

Creating a Google Analytics account and inserting the code snippet are not the hard part. The toughest is to decipher the report that is churned out because it certainly need expertise to read the report and deliver the right information to the right team.

Lucky for you, there's a simple solution that literally costs you nothing to start on the right track.

Introducing, MonsterInsights for WooCommerce stores. This is a Google Analytics dashboard tool which is fairly popular among WordPress users, especially those having WooCommerce on their website.

TL;DR MonsterInsights shows you the stats that matter, so you can grow your business with confidence.

MonsterInsights is a WordPress analytics plugin which gives you the right reports at the right time in order for you to optimize your WooCommerce store for your business (minus any coding skills).

How To Install MonsterInsights Plugin To My WordPress Site?

The process of adding MonsterInsights to WordPress is fairly simple—there are only 3 baby steps to take and takes you less than 5 minutes.

Here's how it is done correctly.

Step 1: Install the MonsterInsights plugin

How To Install MonsterInsights To WooCommerce Store
~How to install MonsterInsights to WooCommerce store?

MonsterInsights is a Google analytics dashboard plugin that comes in two forms—free and paid plans. The free plan is sufficient for most WooCommerce store and the paid plans offer more customization and detailed reporting.

Before you can add Google Analytics to WooCommerce store, you need to firstly install MonsterInsights to WordPress.

Step 2: Integrate Google Analytics to MonsterInsights

Connect MonsterInsights To Google Analytics
~How to connect MonsterInsights to Google Analytics?

Next, you’ll need to connect your WordPress site with your Google Analytics account. MonsterInsights makes the process easy, with no coding required.

After installing and activating MonsterInsights, head over to Insights » Settings. You need to authenticate with your Google account by clicking on Connect MonsterInsights.

Step 3: Authenticate MonsterInsights with your Google Analytics account

This step involves connecting MonsterInsights with Google Analytics account. On the right, choose the Google account that you want to associate with MonsterInsights.

The Google account must be the same with your Google Analytics account to authenticate successfully.

If you are having problems trying to connect to Google or authenticating MonsterInsights, one of the solution is to log out and relogin back to your Google account.

How To Authenticate MonsterInsights With Google Account
~How to authenticate Monsterinsights with Google account?

Once you had signed in, you would need to confirm the permission level that you want to provide to MonsterInsights. And once that is done, select the profile of choice to start the integration and connection.

MonsterInsights Authentication with Google Process
~Select "Allow" to give MonsterInsights the permission
Select The Website Profile You Want To Authenticate With MonsterInsights
Select The Website Profile You Want To Authenticate With MonsterInsights

Once you had taken the last step, you are pretty completed the entire process of adding MonsterInsights to Google. It can take up to 24 hours for the MonsterInsights dashboard to display your data on the dashboard in wp-admin.

Recap: Google Analytics, WooCommerce and MonsterInsights

Every WooCommerce store needs Google Analytics, and MonsterInsights plugin will provide you with beautiful analytics reports on a silver platter for you to do your planning.

If you are looking for an awesome analytics plugin for WooCommerce, you can't go wrong with MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics WordPress Plugin
Highly Rated Analytics Plugin for WordPress


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