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Oxygen Builder Review: A Visual Builder for WordPress Gutenberg and WooCommerce

Oxygen Builder Wordpress Review

In this article, you will discover the Oxygen Builder review, including our honest opinion on it. Here are 4 advantages using Oxygen Builder for your WordPress website. P.S. If you are looking for Oxygen Builder discount code, click on the pricing tab to get the latest discount (automatically applied upon check out).

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WordPress Visual Builder

Oxygen is a powerful visual editing for your entire website for non-programmers (no coding skills required).
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WooCommerce and Gutenberg Intergration

Oxygen is the only WordPress drag and drop builder that is 100% compatible with WooCommerce and Gutenberg blocks.
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Clean Codes & Zero Bloatloads

Websites using Oxygen loads super fast (often under 1 second) because it doesn't come with bloatloads you don't need. 
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1-Time Payment & Unlimited Everything

Oxygen Builder is one of the handful WordPress visual builders that offers one-time payment and unlimited usages.
Latest Oxygen Builder Review

What Is Oxygen Builder?

You are looking for the best Oxygen Builder review and we promise you this is the most honest Oxygen Builder review you can find. We are WordPress fanatics (that's why we created WP Maven at the first place) and building this website with the right WordPress builder tool is important. After some research, we decided to go with Oxygen Builder.

What is Oxygen Builder?

The team behind Oxygen Builder call the builder plugin as the visual website design inside WordPress. As for the record, we are a huge fan of Thrive Architect and Elementor Pro. Using Oxygen Builder to build this website from the ground up is like learning to walk all over again. However, the good side is that Oxygen Builder is a very learn and lightweight WordPress visual builder that doesn't slow down the wp-admin. If you are having a slow WordPress backend, here are 8 ways to fix slow wp-admin.

But we heard (enough) on how good and powerful Oxygen Builder is ... and we decided to tempt fate.

The starting part was rocky. Like seriously. We got to realign ourselves to Oxygen Builder and once we get used to it, this builder is kinda cool to use. We'll go more on this in this review and before that, let's watch a quick video to introduce Oxygen Builder app.

The Team Behind Oxygen Builder

Before we start the review on Oxygen Builder, it is important to have a little context on the team behind this builder plugin.

Oxygen is made by Soflyy and here's the team behind Oxygen Builder.

Oxygen Builder Team Developers

Oxygen Builder Features

Disclaimer: It is important to understand that this website (including this blog post) is created entirely using Oxygen Builder app. We are not affiliated to Oxygen Builder in anyway. So, you can expect real and honest Oxygen Builder review from us at WP Maven.

To start our review, let's go through the 6 most popular Oxygen Builder features.

Visual Site Building

Oxygen Builder allows you to build everything and anything, including having the ultimate control of every element on the website.

Performance and SEO

Oxygen's code output is clean, lean, and free of bloat which is why pages built with Oxygen load quickly and get excellent scores in speed tests.

Supports WooCommerce

20+ highly configurable WooCommerce elements makes you rethink how you can make WooCommerce your baby.

Gutenberg and Client Mode

The first ever WP buiilder that is integrated directly with Gutenberg and you can share custom blocks from one website to another.

Comprehensive Design Library

Oxygen Builder design library comes with over 100 blocks to help you design the best website display to impress others (minus the hassle).

Availability of Global Settings

Create global setting to help you manage your brand (or client's brand) under one roof, while saving more time in web development.

Dynamic Data Features

Oxygen integrates perfectly well with ACF and Toolset, allowing you to create mind blowing conditional logic with a few clicks.

Intuitive Header Builder

Build any custom header including sticky headers easily without CSS, thanks to the advanced features of the Oxygen Builder plugin.

TL;DR: Oxygen Builder Review

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The entire WP Maven team was blown away with the performance and features that Oxygen Builder is offering. We paid $169 for Oxygen Builder Agency plans—and trust me that this is the best (ever) investment we had done for the company. Oxygen Builder certainly made other WordPress builder tools look bad and old school at the very least.

Feature #1: Visual Site Building

Oxygen Visual Builder Oxygen Builder Review

We are not WordPress newbies—we had used multiple WordPress builders to build clients' websites since 2004. Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro and Divi. You name it, we know them all.

But we were never fully prepared to what Oxygen Builder was offering to us.

When we started out using Oxygen Builder, we were like "Okay, this would be another WordPress visual builder to try" and boy oh boy, we were wrong!

At first, we were puzzled with the crazy amount of control Oxygen Builder is offering and then, we felt blessed. 

The Flexbox Layout Engine is one of the craziest feature offered by Oxygen Builder. Get ready to take total control of alignment, spacing, and layout using visual controls for CSS flexbox—all in all, a superior way to create horizontal layouts and responsive designs.

Oxygen Builder is also very smooth to use, and we have not face any issues with the visual builder. Some visual builders such as Divi are known for not loading properly.

Feature #2: Performance and SEO

Why Is Oxygen Builder Fast

In today's world, a second slower would mean losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We noticed that when we use Oxygen Builder, our website loads pretty fast.

This is simply because Oxygen's clean code output and lightning fast load times keep visitors and search engine bots happy.

We are always looking for faster loading speed; from better web host to lightweight WordPress themes. Oxygen Builder takes a chunk load off our shoulders with clean codes (really clean ones) and zero bloat load.

Take a look at this. Since we use Beaver Builder, Divi and Elementor Pro, it makes all the sense to compared all of them here.

Here's a chart comparing the amount of CSS and JavaScript loaded by default on blank pages built with Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Oxygen.

How Fast is Oxygen Builder Plugin Oxygen Builder Review

We know that both Divi and Elementor are pretty heavy with bloatload (sorry) and Beaver Builder is pretty clean. However, Oxygen Builder really beats all the WordPress builders in the market right now.

The reason?

Oxygen Builder is build based on lightweight and zero bloat load.

If you are a WordPress expert and wants to dive deep into the reasons, here's a piece of more detailed information on Oxygen Builder.

Oxygen Builder is able to load faster than most WordPress visual builder plugins in the market because it generally only loads the scripts and styles absolutely required by your design.

But the other WordPress builders load everything, even when you don't use it. Animation styles, icon libraries, motion effects, slider scripts, and much more are loaded on every page, even when you won't be using 95% of it.

In short, most WordPress visual builder load elements and invisible content even when you don't need it ... which leads to slower loading time.

Is your Oxygen Builder not loading the latest version of the website? Clear your WordPress cache and try again!

Feature #3: Best Visual Builder Plugin for WooCommerce

Let's face it. WooCommerce can be a pain in the ass for WordPress developers. And, searching for the best plugin that integrates well with WooCommerce is crazily tough. I mean, let's be realistic.

Thanks to Oxygen Builder, you don't have to worry about it anymore. It is 100% compatible with WooCommerce (fully compatible). At this point of writing, there aren't many WordPress visual builders that work well with WooCommerce.

Oxygen Builder Compatible With WooCommerce Oxygen Builder Review

Feature #4: Gutenberg Integration

If you love Gutenberg block builder, you are in luck!

Oxygen Builder is fully compatible with Gutenberg and again, this is the only WordPress drag and drop builder that is compatible with Gutenberg.

This feature means that you can use Oxygen visual builder to build WordPress website from the front end or through Gutenberg itself. For WordPress beginners, this is a nice addon and for website developers, this feature helps to speed up the entire process of creating a WordPress website.

Feature #5: Oxygen Design Library

Oxygen Builder Design Library Review

When we choose a WordPress builder, one of our criteria is to have a strong and large design library (demo content) and the reason is pretty straightforward. A big inventory helps us to build WordPress websites, blog posts, articles and WordPress pages faster.

The more time we save, the more projects we can take up and complete. 

Oxygen Builder comes with hundreds of beautifully design building blocks for anyone to use. You can use further customize the design to be responsive, sticky certain parts and even check the visual based on the screen size.

Beautiful Building Blocks

Oxygen Builder makes it easy for us to create the type of WordPress website that we want. Here are some of the best Oxygen elements for WordPress users.

  • Blog designs
  • Call To Action (CTA) blocks
  • Contact blocks
  • Content blogs
  • Footer blocks
  • Header blocks
  • Hero & Title blocks
  • People (Profile) blocks
  • Pricing blocks
  • Sliders, Tabs and Accordions blocks
  • Social Proof blocks

With these ready-made blocks, you choose and import the blocks in just seconds. Plus, the biggest advantage is that you can build your own blocks and export them to any other WordPress websites that use Oxygen Builder plugin.

It is important to understand that most of these block elements (such as images) are served through Oxygen's website. Therefore, you can easily change and modify the images without worrying the elements being imported to your WordPress database.

Oxygen Elements Review

Oxygen Reviews and Testimonials

"The best builder for clients is the one they never see. The Gutenberg integration in Oxygen helps us give content editors a familiar native WordPress experience and gives us zero worry of them breaking anything."
David Browne
Founder @ WPLit
“Oxygen's Gutenberg integration is super powerful - we give full control to the client yet they do not touch Oxygen at all.”
Roberto Ciccolella
Web Designer @ CiaoWeb
“Oxygen is by far the easiest builder I've used - and by easiest I mean that from a developer standpoint. In other builders I'm limited by the blocks it offers, but with Oxygen I can slap a custom script in and make it do exactly what I need.”
Michael Upton
WordPress Professional
“A novice will feel like a professional when creating online stores with Oxygen's integration with WooCommerce.”
Alexander Buzmakov
Senior Designer
Getting 95%+ on PageSpeed, YSlow, Dareboost... After 10 years' of WP work I have NEVER so easily achieved such consistently good stats.
Paul Batey
WordPress Professional

How Much Oxygen Builder Costs?

Oxygen Builder comes with three plans; Oxygen Basic plan at $99, Oxygen WooCommerce plan at $149 and Oxygen Agency plan at $169. All of these plans come with unlimited usage, unlimited updates and one time fee only.

Oxygen Basic plan is best for WordPress beginners who doesn't require much integration a.k.a. looking for a WordPress drag and drop builder. Oxygen WooCommerce plan comes with WooCommerce integration and lastly, the Oxygen Agency plan comes with integration with WooCommerce and Gutenberg Block Builder.

Take a look at Oxygen pricing table below for clearer understanding.


  • Oxygen Lifetime Unlimited License
  • Lifetime Updates
  • One Time Payment
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Get Oxygen


  • Oxygen Lifetime Unlimited License
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Includes WooCommerce Integration
  • One Time Payment
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Get Oxygen


  • Oxygen Lifetime Unlimited License
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Includes WooCommerce Integration
  • Includes Gutenberg Block Builder
  • One Time Payment
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Get Oxygen

Summary: Oxygen Builder Review

Before we wrap up this review, it is important for us to highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of Oxygen Builder plugin. These are based on our experience using Oxygen Builder and is not affected by the thoughts of others.

What is Oxygen Builder plugin?

Oxygen Builder is a premium visual builder for WordPress. This is the only visual editor that is fully compatible with WooCommerce and Gutenberg blocks. Oxygen Builder allows you to create beautiful websites, blog posts and product pages through interactive drag and drop feature, and without using a single line of code. 

How to install Oxygen Builder?

Firstly, you need to purchase Oxygen Builder (you can see Oxygen Builder pricing here). Once you had purchase the plugin, you will be directed to the download page and the license key. Download Oxygen Builder plugin and install it to your WordPress directory. Lastly, input the license key(s) to active the plugin. Oxygen Agency plan requires you to input the license keys separately (one for WooCommerce and another for Gutenberg).

Is Oxygen Builder worth it?

We had years of experience using other WordPress visual builders and Oxygen Builder is certainly our go-to builder for now. Building a WordPress website from scratch and crafting interactive blog posts such as this one, is super easy thanks to Oxygen Builder plugin. More importantly, the Oxygen Builder pricing strategy (one time fee for lifetime update and unlimited website usages) is definitely one of the best value for money tool for any website developers.

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