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An Introduction to PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks WordPress Plugin

With the advent of Gutenberg, we have a new content editor that is more intuitive and user-friendly. This means less coding and more time for creativity.

The PostX Gutenberg post blocks are what makes this possible. They make it easier to format your content without having to code everything from scratch. The post blocks range from shortcodes (e.g., ) or widgets (e.g., Latest Posts) to page templates (e.g., Fullwidth Slider). All you need to do is select the desired block from your list in the left sidebar, drag it into your text area on the right side of your screen, customize any options if necessary, then click "Publish."

Voilà! Your perfect post with the perfect post block has been created.

In this article, you will learn everything about PostX and ultimately, determine if this is a worthy plugin to purchase.

15 key benefits using PostX Gutenberg post blocks WordPress plugin:

PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks Grid
~PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks Grid
  1. It helps to create post blocks smoothly. 
  2. PostX Gutenberg post blocks WordPress plugin makes it possible to fill in content from anywhere on your site.
  3. It allows you to customize post blocks easily using native formatting and tools of post blocks editor panel with live preview while typing.
  4. You can create a new post block easily by post blocks builder, also you can edit post block title and post block description.
  5. You can write a post in the native WordPress editor with the post blocks.
  6. When creating a post, you will select a post type from post types Categories, tags or any custom post types. And you will assign it to a category post type from post type Categories.
  7. If a post has been assigned to a post type category, post blocks will be filtered by post type categories.
  8. You can easily choose and apply post block to post by post block filter.
  9. PostX Gutenberg post blocks WordPress plugin makes it possible for you to change the layout of your post.
  10. It facilitates your post creation process by applying post block to post content with a single click and drag.
  11. You can create post blocks in the frontend post editor, backend post editor or you can use PostX Gutenberg post blocks WordPress plugin builder (like Visual Composer) for creating post blocks easily.
  12. You can activate post blocks on the post page or post type.
  13. You can add some post blocks to post content on the same post page without creating a new post. Also, you can edit existing post blocks easily by post block builder.
  14. PostX Gutenberg post blocks WordPress plugin offers 100+ pre-made post blocks for any purpose.
  15. You can setup post block width and post block height to suit your needs easily by post blocks builder.

In case you do not have time, or you aren't sold on the idea just yet, this section is for you.

What makes PostX different from WP Grid Builder? [PostX Gutenberg Blocks vs WP Grid Builder]

Both post block plugins offer post blocks builder. 

PostX is post blocks editor which offers 100+ pre-made post blocks for any purposes.  Also it makes possible to change post block layout and post block filters easily by post blocks builder. At this point in time, PostX offers quite a large range of templates and blocks made especially for personal blogs, magazines and news site.

WP Grid Builder, on the other hand, is a post grid builder and post uses post grid system to create posts. WP Grid Builder is an excellent choice especially when it comes to customizing WooCommerce websites.

I can download PostX free version?

Yes, you can! PostX free version is found on the official WordPress repository and as of June 2021, PostX Gutenberg post blocks WordPress plugin has been actively installed in more than 10,000 sites and continues to grow.

How much does PostX Gutenberg plugin costs?

PostX comes with 3 pricing — single site plan, unlimited sites yearly plan and lifetime.

PostX Pricing
~Latest PostX Pricing

Summary: Recap on PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks WordPress Plugin

PostX post blocks WordPress plugin offers post blocks builder, post block types post type category, post block width and post block height.

Overall rating:

We give PostX a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for its simplicity and easy to use interface. Our rating criteria include professional value, benefit to users (including us), overall impression using the product, customer service, and cost to upgrade.

For a limited time, you can grab PostX lifetime plan with a discounted lifetime deal at $149 for unlimited sites. Limited spots available.

Article written by Editorial Team

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