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RunCloud Review: Is this the best hosting control panel for WordPress?

When we published our Gridpane vs RunCloud review, we thought that it was only right to have a specific review on RunCloud to give more perspective to our readers. So, this article is all about, one of the most popular PHP hosting control panel in the world.

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An introduction to

What is RunCloud
~What is RunCloud?

For starters, is a Malaysian-made company that hit stardom. It is founded by a few highly talented locals who have a passion for server management. is a lightweight control panel for server management and offers zero downtime deployment. RunCloud is a faster, secure and modern web server panel that is focused on your web application. Either you are using Laravel, Code Igniter, Cake, WordPress, CMS or custom baked PHP application, you can easily integrate the applciation with RunCloud.

The foundations of RunCloud are:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Easily optimized (and optimized right out-of-the-box)

What are the advantages of using

Honestly, we can think of dozens of advantages that RunCloud offers. Here's a list of the advantages that matter the most to web developers and website owners.

Easy server management

Automate server configuration and security updates in just a few clicks (with or without server management skills).

Backup the way you like
Atomic deployment
Team and collaborations
Instantaneous deployment
Autonomous setup
Virtual PHP machines
Split-second notifications
Secured management panel
Performance-driven dashboard

RunCloud vs Gridpane: Is RunCloud faster than Gridpane?

One of the most common questions we have seen and asked is "Is RunCloud faster?" RunCloud is a PHP based hosting control panel and on the other hand, Gridpane is more of a specialized WordPress hosting control panel.

We tested both RunCloud and Gridpane several times for complete load test and it seems that our test websites loads well under a second mark. However, Gridpane is slightly faster around 20-30% on average.

RunCloud support review

RunCloud customer support is fast and effective. Their knowledge base information may not be the most updated one but their customer support is very helpful.

They are always available to provide assistance (even with the dumbest questions etc.). It felt good communicating with them and we can't help but giving them a thumb up for a job well done, each time we had to reach out to them!

RunCloud review: Is worth it? is very competitive especially with the pricing structure. Here's the RunCloud pricing structure.

RunCloud Pricing
~Latest RunCloud Pricing

As you can see, RunCloud is highly affordable with plans starting at $6.67 per month for the lowest tier. Plus, it is still way more affordable from most of the competitors (including Gridpane) with their highest tier at $37.50 per month.

Summary: review

If you are looking for a reliable hosting control panel, you can't go wrong with RunCloud. RunCloud offers one of the best pricing structures for server management and the product itself is stable (reliable).

There is absolutely no denial that RunCloud is excellent for both affordability and performance.

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