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How To Improve WordPress Security And Make WordPress Faster?

As WordPress practitioners, we wish that every website owner can experience safer and faster websites but we know that this might not be entirely possible, at least for now. We spoke to a wide range of website owners and security is still one of the least focused segment in a website.

We plan to make this article a 2-part series, where we discuss WordPress security and faster WordPress websites. If you are ready to dig in, let's get started right now.

Part 1: Safer WordPress Websites

WordPress Security Checklist To Keep WordPress Safe
~How to keep WordPress safe from hacker?

The WordPress core is solid and in most cases, rather immune/bulletproof to hacking attempts. However, when you add WordPress themes and plugins into the equation, you might find that WordPress CMS may not be that secure after all.

This is simply because you need to perform theme and plugins update, install security patches and other works to ensure that your WordPress site is safe.

By default, most shared hosting solutions offer basic website security by integrating with Cloudflare free plan. Cloudflare offers decent DNS management and security but it is not entirely the best option when it comes to hardening your website — simply because security should happen on server level and not external.

When the hosting server is compromised, external security patches can only do that much (because the damage had been done). More importantly, it costs way more just to fix a hacked website. On average, you are expected to pay anywhere between RM1,000 to RM5,000 per website fix.

Therefore, it makes more sense to pay a small amount each month for WordPress maintenance services than to pay a huge amount when 'bad thing' happens.

Malaysia's Most Affordable
WordPress Maintenance Service

How to keep your WordPress site secured 24/7?

Of course, the easiest way is to go for monthly WordPress maintenance services (which is the best way forward). However, if you are planning to improve your WordPress security yourself, here's a website security checklist you should be using.

  • Use a reliable web hosting solution (web hosting is your first level of defense)
  • Install and use only genuine WordPress themes and plugins
  • Avoid using nulled WordPress themes and plugins
  • Always perform website backup (the recommended duration is daily)
  • Perform security scan either daily or weekly basis
  • Check for any unauthorized access through your backend log
  • Control administrative roles and assign to the trusted few
  • Opt for premium themes and plugins for cleaner codes
  • Install security plugin to control access

Did you know that third party tools such as VirusDie and iThemes Security are excellent and easy-to-use security tools to improve your overall WordPress security?

Part 2: How to make WordPress faster?

How to make WordPress faster and quicker
~How to make WordPress faster and quicker?

Here's another major misconception in WordPress. You read that Elementor is the fastest WordPress visual builder or Astra being the fastest WordPress theme.

After installing the theme and plugin, you check on the page speed and you are fairly disappointed. As a matter of fact, disappointed could easily be an understatement!

The biggest question is, "What went wrong?" You are supposed to have blazing fast website speed, right?

In this information technology era, you can find truckloads of information in just a few clicks from the Internet. But there's a problem. Not everything is vetted and you are bound to get the wrong information.

Sure, we use Elementor and Astra Pro a lot — and we are able to create fast loading WordPress sites very quickly. But, it doesn't mean that you will get a super fast loading speed right out of the box.

Instead, there are many configurations and settings that you need to customize to make sure your website loads fast.

The quickest solution to making your WordPress site fast? By subscribing to WordPress maintenance services, of course (for a hands-free approach).

Professional WordPress Services

WordPress maintenance services are more than just security. We make sure your website loads fast too!

Professional WordPress Maintenance Services
~Professional WordPress maintenance services

Simple tips to make your WordPress site faster

There are many ways to make a WordPress site faster. To be honest. optimizing a WordPress for speed involves many tweakings — which are easy to be done and some require specific knowledge.

A few basics for having a fast WordPress site are:

If you want to learn more about how to make WordPress site faster, here are some resources that you should read:

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Do you know that using a reliable hosting solution is critically important especially in having a fast website? We use (VPS solution) and we can't help but recommend it to all our clients.


Keeping your WordPress site safe is an important task, regardless the size of your website. We hope that you find some great information in this article on how to keep your website safe and fast at the same time.

If you need help with WordPress maintenance, feel free to reach out to us!

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