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What are the best SiteGround alternatives? There are many reasons why you are looking for web hosting alternatives to SiteGround. The costly SiteGround renewal pricing, limited hosting resources and maybe, unparalleled hosting performance as compared to other web hosting services.

We understood the frustrations because every month, we have clients reaching out to us with SiteGround hosting — either performing website migration or finding alternatives to SiteGround hosting.

In the next few moments, we are going to run through (with you) our list of SiteGround alternatives that you can't go wrong with. No matter how big or small your budget is, or how much performance you require, we have them covered in this post.

Is SiteGround really that bad?

Siteground Review
~Is SiteGround a bad web host?

One of the biggest misconceptions is SiteGround is not good or SiteGround is not worth the money. The truth is, SiteGround is a pretty decent shared WordPress hosting service.

Here's how SiteGround pricing structure looks like:

Siteground Pricing Siteground Alternatives
~SiteGround WordPress hosting pricing

As you can see, the entry level to SiteGround is really low and we recommend SiteGround to anyone who has a small blog/website that doesn't require much resources.

The entry level for SiteGround WordPress hosting is $6.99 per month for a single website with under 10,000 visits a month. The pricing structure is rather decent especially when it uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as their backbone and comes with inbuilt cache plugin. You can check out more about the SiteGround features right here.

SiteGround often 'goes bad' when it comes to renewal or when you are running a heavy traffic WordPress site. The renewal fee for SiteGround is often twice or more than the first year's price — this is a huge problem especially for bloggers and small website owners. An increase of 10 to 20% is rather decent but a 100% (or more) increase is definitely a huge problem.

If you are feeling what we are feeling, let's dive in to learn more on SiteGround alternatives.

The best Siteground alternatives for 2020

Throughout the years, we had tested a wide range of web hosting companies and we had found our favorite SiteGround alternatives based on your budget. So, here goes!

Low BudgetMid BudgetHigh Budget

For us, low budget web hosting services are often under the $15 per month price tag. Our favorite low budget SiteGround alternatives are:

Among the shared hosting plans above, FlyWheel hosting is the priciest of all simply because it is a managed WordPress hosting. For only $13 per month, that's a lot of firepower and hosting features you can get with FlyWheel!

If you are looking anywhere between $15 to $50 per month, welcome to the mid budget SiteGround alternatives. Most of the time, your website is generating at least 50,000 traffic in a month and is making a decent amount of money from your website.

Our favorite mid-budget web hosting solutions are:

It is important to note that both RunCloud and Cloudways are pretty much hosting control panels integrated with VPS.

Enterprise-grade and high volume websites require high budget web hosting. If you are generating over 100,000 traffic a month, there's absolutely no harm (as a matter of fact, it is compulsory) to invest into better web hosting solutions.

Higher budget web hosting solutions often offer more performance, security, support and scalability. Here's the list of the best high budget WordPress hosting solutions:

On average, a high budget WordPress hosting solution starts around $100 per month. And if you are generating over 100,000 traffic a month, you are definitely earning more than $100 a month from the website!

Summary of the best Siteground alternatives

Until date, there is not a single hosting solution that is a one-size-fits-all. The best Siteground alternative is always the one that fits your needs. To easier define your needs, it is best to define the number of web traffic your website is generating, the amount of space you need from a web hosting solution.

Also, do not forget that another critical option is the hosting support you will get. Typically, a managed WordPress hosting solution will provide more support, performance, scalability and security as compared to shared hosting plans.

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