The Easiest Way to Reorder Pages in WordPress

How To Reoder Pages In WordPress
How to change the order of pages in WordPress?

How do you change the order of the pages in WordPress? The order of “Pages” in WordPress is especially important because in many themes, WordPress Pages are used by default as the top menu items. While you do not need to use Pages as your menu items, there are many WordPress websites that use this method. Rearranging/reorder the WordPress pages is also important especially when you want to display a menu of Pages in your sidebar.

Carry on reading the below to learn how you can change the order of the pages in WordPress.

How To Change The Order Of Pages In WordPress?

In order to change the order of your WordPress pages, you need to head over to the Pages tab. This can be done by logging into your WordPress dashboard » Pages.

How To Change Pages Order In WordPress

Next, head over to your to the Page that you want to edit, and click Quick Edit.

How To Quickly Edit Your WordPress Pages

There are two scenarios right here.

By default, all Pages are set at the “highest” level of 0. (Or the “lowest” level if you like. The lower numbers appear first.) Because all Pages are set to 0, the order is determined alphabetically.

So, you will either find the Pages sorted out with the highest-lowest level or alphabetically.

Take a look at the image below to understand further.

How To Reorder WordPress Pages

To change the order of the pages in WordPress, you need to change the order of the pages (change the level). It is also important to remember that because all Pages are set to 0 by default unless you change their order number, those pages will retain their top positions.

This is how you change the order of your WordPress pages.

Changing WordPress Page Order

Once you hit the save or update button, head over to the front page to check out the new layout.

If you had changed the order of the pages in WordPress correctly, the new pages will be updated instantly.

Easiest Way To Change Pages Order In WordPress

Summary: How do I reorder pages in WordPress?

The above method is by far the easiest way to reorder pages in WordPress. We hope you find this tutorial on how to change the order of pages in WordPress useful.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comment form below to share your thought.

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