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What Is Beaver Themer?

What is Beaver Themer? Beaver Themer is an extension to Page Builder and it is a WordPress plugin. When using a supported theme, Beaver Themer enables you to build headers/footers and create templates using Page Builder's drag and drop interface.

We use Beaver Builder in several of our WordPress development projects and we got to admit that Beaver Builder is very fun to use. Sure, Beaver Builder doesn't come with that many elements and templates to work with as compared to Elementor or Divi — but it sure gives a nice punch especially when it comes to developing a nice WordPress theme for our clients. Read more about on Elementor vs Divi vs Beaver Builder by CodeInWP (great read by the way).

What is Beaver Themer?

Here's a quick introduction of what Beaver Themer is all about. Hit the play button!

The Beaver Themer is a WordPress plugin extension that works for hand in hand with Beaver Builder. While Beaver Builder is a good tool to work with, there are things that Beaver Builder can't do. For example, creating or modifying headers and footers, linking shortcodes from one section to another etc.

This is exactly where Beaver Themer comes into play!

In other words, it is easy to consider Beaver Themer as the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) only for Beaver users.

How to install Beaver Themer?

Installing Beaver Themer to your WordPress site is rather straight forward. Hit the play button to watch the video.

Important note: It is recommended for you to read the requirements for installation, prior to installing Beaver Builder.


Download the Beaver Themer plugin

Download the Beaver Themer plugin zip from the My Account page. The download file is named

On the My Account page there's a Subscriptions section that shows which Beaver Builder products are included in your license. All Beaver Builder products use the same subscription license key, as described in the section below on activating your license after installation.


Upload the Beaver Themer plugin

  1. From your WordPress Admin Panel, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  2. Select the Beaver Themer plugin on your local system and activate it after it has uploaded. The plugin is listed as Beaver Builder - Themer Add-On in the WordPress plugins list.

If you activate the Beaver Themer plugin without having the Beaver Builder plugin installed, you'll see a warning. Also, you won't be able to see the license activation without having the Beaver Builder Plugin installed.


Check your license activation

The Beaver Themer license is added to your Beaver Builder subscription, and once you install Beaver Themer, the license in Settings > Beaver Builder will automatically include it. You can check this as follows.

  1. From your WordPress Admin Panel, go to Settings > Beaver Builder.
  2. If you haven't entered your Beaver Builder plugin license key yet, enter it.
    If your license key is already active, it will automatically apply to Beaver Themer plugin as well.

After your Beaver Builder license is active, you'll see a list of activated products.

The following screenshot shows that the Beaver Builder plugin, Theme, and Beaver Themer are all active on this website and you'll get update notifications for all of them.

How To Install Beaver Themer Guide

How to use Beaver Themer?

This Beaver Themer guide will not be complete without mentioning "how to use Beaver Themer". So, let's start by asking the most important question that is in your mind.


What can I build with Beaver Themer?

The Beaver Themer plugin is an add-on to the Beaver Builder plugin. Beaver Themer lets you use Beaver Builder to create layouts for the areas of a page or post that are normally controlled by the theme, plus a couple of other layouts that you can't create directly in WordPress. This includes the following areas:

  • Headers and footers
  • Post title, post info, featured image, comments, sidebar (in other words, everything but post content) on single posts.
  • Index and archive pages that are generated by WordPress to list blog posts by date or by specific categories, tags, authors, etc.
  • The page displayed after a 404 error.
  • Parts of pages such as banners inserted into specific locations on the page, such as before the header, after the header, before the content.


How to use Beaver Themer (like a pro)?

Beaver Themer has been integrated with the Beaver Builder plugin, and you'll see it mainly in two places in the UI, as described in the following sections.


1. Beaver Builder menu in the WordPress admin panel

There's a Beaver Builder admin panel nested in the WordPress admin panel, and when you install Beaver Themer, a new submenu appears called Themer layouts, as shown in the following screenshot.

Beaver Themer Tutorial How To Use


2. Identify and edit Themer layouts from the WordPress admin bar

You'll also see Beaver Themer options in the WordPress admin bar at the top of the screen when you're logged in.


New menu

The New menu has a Themer layout selection, as shown in this screenshot.

Beaver Themer And Themer Layout


Edit Themer Layout and Beaver Builder in the admin bar

When you're viewing a Themer layout, you'll see options to edit the Themer layout's settings or to open Beaver Builder to modify the Themer layout itself.

Beaver Themer Edit Theme Layout

If there's already a Beaver Builder layout on the page you're viewing, Beaver Builder will appear with a green dot next to it in the WordPress admin bar. If the dot is gray or white, it means there's currently no Beaver Builder layout.

If you're viewing a regular page and mouse over the Beaver Builder link, you'll see options to edit the page itself or any of the Themer layouts that apply to that page. ;For example, in the following screenshot you can choose to open either the page that you're viewing in Beaver Builder, or the Header-type Themer layout called "Sneak Peek home page," which is controlling the header on that page.

Beaver Themer Sneak Peek Home Page


3. Beaver Themer field connections

When you open a module for editing in a Themer layout, you'll notice a plus sign next to some of the setting fields, as you can see in the following screenshot.

Beaver Builder Themer Field Connections

These plus signs indicate that you can set field connections to eligible data from another area of your site. Field connections pull the content of the field from the particular page or post that's being displayed.

For example, the following screenshot shows part of a Singular Themer layout, in which the featured image is displayed as the row background, and the title, date, and author's name come from the post that's being displayed, all by means of field connections. In other words, no matter which post the Themer layout appears on, it will display the content that's correct for that post.

How to get Beaver Themer?

Beaver Themer is a standalone addon for Beaver Builder plugin and costs $147 per year for unlimited websites and installs.

You can get your hands on Beaver Themer discount right here.

Buy Beaver Themer here (auto discount applied)

Summary: Beaver Themer Guide and Review

Beaver Themer is a nice addon to the Beaver Builder plugin. Sure, it certainly felt odd that Beaver Themer is not included in the other Beaver packages and instead, a standalone.

However, Beaver Themer had proved to be an useful tool for WordPress website developers in creating and customizing WordPress sites.

What do you think? Are you using Beaver Themer like us?

Article written by Editorial Team

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