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What Is WordPress Custom Dashboard?

A custom dashboard in WordPress can help your clients with resources and shortcuts they need to get started. The default WordPress dashboard may be decent for seasoned WordPress owners but not to most clients who prefer a clutter-free dashboard.

In this article, we will give you a quick introduction of WordPress custom dashboard and why it matters.

WordPress custom dashboard is beautiful to the eyes

Custom WordPress Dashboard
~Custom WordPress Dashboard

Make no mistake. A WordPress custom dashboard is beautiful and if you are in the website development industry, this could be a great add-on to "wow" your clients with a nice finishing.

Take a look at the image above. Doesn't it look great especially for the eyes?

Does custom WordPress dashboard makes my site slow?

Website loading speed
Custom WordPress dashboard usually doesn't impact website loading speed

We got you. You're a WordPress speed freak like us and you are wondering if using custom WordPress dashboard will slow down your site.

The answer to this question is "it depends." For starters, it depends heavily on how the coding is done on the custom dashboard. We tested on one of the most popular custom WordPress dashboard, Admin 2020 and it doesn't slow down our test site. At most, it added three requests (verified by Pingdom Tools).

What is the recommended custom WordPress dashboard plugin?

Introduction to Admin 2020 custom dashboard
An introduction to Admin 2020 custom dashboard

Admin 2020 is a modern custom WordPress dashboard for those who wants beauty in a nutshell. It is a clean and modern WordPress admin theme with a streamlined dashboard, Google Analytics Integration, powerful media library, dark mode and white label.

Some other advantages using Admin 2020 custom WordPress theme are:

  • Admin 2020 comes with a modern overview page integrated with Google Analytics so you can see everything you need at a glance
  • It comes with a brand new media library that is up to 50% quicker than the Classic WordPress Library and provides folders to organize your media library
  • The dashboard plugin is streamlined and distraction free, allowing you to get on with what you do best
  • A dashboard that adapts to your surroundings. Activate dark mode at the click of a button
  • A powerful internal search now at your fingertips, why wait for a page to reload to get what you want
  • Affordable pricing

Here's how Admin 2020 looks like on the backend:

How much does Admin 2020 costs?

Admin 2020 custom WordPress dashboard comes with three pricing structures. Single site at $15 per year, unlimited sites at $50 per year or lifetime updated and unlimited sites for $100 (one-time payment).

Use coupon code WPMAVENFIVE for a 5% discount on any plans that you sign up for.

Plus, it comes with 14 days money back guarantee if by any chance you dislike it.

Summary: Should I use a WordPress custom dashboard?

WordPress custom dashboard is all about having a beautiful dashboard display. Some WordPress custom dashboard such as Admin 2020 offers additional features such as custom image gallery, search and filters that play huge roles in creating a positive WordPress experience for both avid users and the clients.

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