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WordPress Favicon: Introduction And Common Troubleshooting Guide

What is WordPress favicon?

What Is A WordPress Favicon
WordPress favicon

According to, a favicon (short for “favourite icon”) is an icon associated with a particular website or web page. It is generally intended to be used when you bookmark a web page. You can use a favicon with any WordPress site on a web server that allows access to the root directories.

In this article, you will find information about WordPress favicon including uploading and common troubleshooting guides. Take a look at the table of content below.

How to upload Favicon to WordPress?

The easiest way to upload Favicon to WordPress is by heading to Appearance » Customize » Site Identity » Site Icon.

Here's how it looks like.

How To Upload Favicon To WordPress Website
How to upload Favicon to WordPress?

if you have an existing Favicon, click on Change Image to upload a new Favicon image. If not, select Add New or Upload.

What is the best size for WordPress favicon?

The minimum size for WordPress favicon is 512 × 512 pixels. You can opt for a bigger image if you want, but the above setting is already sufficient for most browsers.

How to create a WordPress favicon for free?

Creating a favicon for WordPress is easy and this process usually takes a few minutes at most. Use any third-party image creation tool (we use Canva) and create an image dimension of 512 x 512 pixels.

Design the favicon and remember to add in your brand colours. Once those are done, download the image before uploading to WordPress.

Should I make my favicon with a transparent background?

It depends but at WP Maven, we tend to go for a transparent background because it will look better no matter on what device/browser the visitors are using.

If you are not using a transparent background, we recommend you to have a background colour that is matching with your brand.

How to remove background colours in WordPress favicon?

By default, WordPress does not have background colour removal tool. You need to use third-party tools to remove the background colour from the image.

Some of the best background colour removal tools are:

We use Canva and to remove backgrounds for our WordPress favicon.

Troubleshooting: How to fix WordPress favicon not showing up?

You uploaded a new favicon to WordPress and you hit "save". You waited and the WordPress favicon is not showing up. Why is this happening and how to fix WordPress favicon not showing?

When you followed all the steps and favicon is not showing up, it can be really annoying. So, what went wrong?

Here are some nifty tricks to fix your WordPress favicon not showing up (common causes):

  • Cache not cleared (this is how you clear WordPress properly)
  • CDN is messing up the image delivery
  • You missed one or more steps when uploading the favicon

Fastest troubleshooting tip: Remove the existing WordPress favicon and reupload a new one before pressing the "save" button.


A WordPress favicon gives some level of branding for your WordPress site. Are you using favicon for your WordPress site?

Tell us in the comments below!

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