Written by Editorial Team on November 25, 2020

WordPress In 2021 (A Glimpse Into The Future)

WordPress in 2021. How would WordPress be like in 2021? More importantly, we believe the question would be "What can WordPress users expect in 2021?"

We are going to make this post short and sweet — for your amusement (at least).You will find three very important things that we think they will change or shape WordPress in 2021.

So, leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you think!

The Gutenberg Editing Experience – Work in Progress

WordPress 2021 Gutenberg Work In Progress

Indeed, the Gutenberg editor is a complex project that goes beyond one single version. As the main WordPress editor, Gutenberg will most likely experience several updates in its subsequent versions.

Throughout the year 2020, we had seen numerous Gutenberg add-ons being added to the repository. The competition in the Gutenberg-show is high and some of the best Gutenberg addons had been in the spotlight ever since.

Some promiment WordPress influencers also highlighted that visual builders will soon lose it touch in the website development era.

Gutenberg Pro by WP Engine is one of the samples of Gutenberg plugins that had made all the differences in website building (especially for website developers).

Click here to give Genesis Pro a spin

WordPress Automatic Updates (Love Hate Relationship)

WordPress 2021 WordPress Automatic Updates

Let's face it. Automatic update is one of every WordPress developer's worst nightmare. When WordPress pushed out a bad update (and it goes on automatic), it creates a firestorm that is beyond controllable.

In the last WordPress automatic update, millions of websites were affected and crashed. If you think that automatic is finished, you are wrong. If you love reading, here are two sources for you:

Automation is not a bad thing. At WP Maven, automation saves us a lot of time and we love it (well, who doesn't like extra time on their hands, right?). In most industries, automation is still brand new and it does take time to go into the mainstream.

With the recent COVID pandemic, automation had went into high gear and we can't wait to see how 2021 will be like for WordPress and automation.

TL;DR It will be a whole new world in 2021 where automation plays a critical role in WordPress.

Growing WordPress Security Threats

WordPress Security Threats 2021

WordPress is solid at its core. Like real solid.

But nothing in this world is bulletproof (or hackproof, in this case). The security threat is coming from all ends and you are responsible for the safety of your WordPress sites.

Here's a simple list on what you should and must do to keep your WordPress site safe.

  • Use a reliable WordPress hosting provider
  • Install WordPress security plugin
  • Run daily, weekly and monthly security scanning
  • Use automatic (and/or manual) back up features
  • Disable registration if not required
  • Remove unwanted WordPress themes and plugins
  • Do not install nulled or cracked WordPress themes and plugins
  • Use stronger passwords and do not share them

Summary: WordPress in 2021 (and beyond)

There are so much going on in 2020 for WordPress and we certainly can't wait to see how WordPress would be like in 2021.

How about you? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Article written by Editorial Team

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