Written by Editorial Team on November 6, 2020

10 WordPress Tools That Will Boost Your Holiday Sales (Like Crazy!!)

As the holiday sales is fast approaching, business owners (yes, that's you) are busy searching for the best WordPress tools to boost holiday sales. The end year sale is always the biggest and a positive sales growth could easily mean that your business can close strong for the year.

In this article, we are going to share with you the best WordPress tools you should be using that will boost your holiday sales.

WordPress landing page builders

A landing page is an important tool especially for those who are running paid advertisements or getting your visitors towards the 'buying' stage. With so many landing pages builders for WordPress, here are our favorite landing page builders that are easy to use and ones that you can create quickly and deploy to your WordPress site in minutes (not hours or days).

(i) Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect page builder
~Thrive Architect page builder

Thrive Architect is one of the best WordPress landing page builders we had used. Low learning curve and ready-made, high-converting templates are what make Thrive Architect such an excellent tool for landing pages.

Plus, everything is done through drag and drop. So, no coding skill is required.

(ii) LeadPages

What is LeadPages
~What is LeadPages?

LeadPages is a popular landing page builder that works not only with WordPress, but to other eCommerce platforms too. LeadPages works as an external software that links up to your website in just a few clicks and it comes with excellent payment integrations too.

WordPress lead generation and conversion plugins

Driving traffic to your WordPress site is one part of the equation — converting these cold traffic to hot ones is another. Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is much easier to do lead generation on WordPress and converting visitors into buyers.

Here's our list of WordPress lead generation and conversion plugins/software.

(i) OptinMonster

~OptinMonster for lead generation and conversion

If you are looking for a reliable lead generation and revenue generation software for WordPress, OptinMonster is what you need.

OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation software that converts abandoning visitors into subscribers with uniquely dynamic marketing tools and Exit Intent® technology.

In other words, the software is a set-once-and-forget, and watch your visitors turn into buyers in no time (ultimately, increasing your holiday sales opportunities).

(ii) Thrive Leads

~What is Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is another excellent WordPress lead generation and conversion plugin (that doesn't suck). Affordability is on target with Thrive Leads and it works perfectly with majority of the WordPress themes and plugins.

Plus, you can pay Thrive Leads once (one time payment) and use it for life!

Advanced WordPress analytics

If you want to boost your holiday sales this year, you need to have data on what's working and what's not, which pages are the top performers (and opposite) and how long these visitors are on your site before they start leaving.

Analyzing the data through Google Analytics takes time and more importantly, it can be very confusing.

At WP Maven, we can't help but to fall in love with one (yes, only one) advanced WordPress analytics plugin.

(i) MonsterInsights

What is MonsterInsights
~What is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights takes the data from Google Analytics and transforms them into beautiful graphs and reports. As a result, you will get a done-for-you and easy to understand analytics data that is reliable and saves you time.

Integrating MonsterInsights plugin to your WordPress or eCommerce website is easy and this can be accomplished in just a few clicks!

Reliable WordPress hosting

Last but not least, using a reliable WordPress hosting is more important than ever this holiday season. You may have the best designed website layout or having the latest technology to convert cold traffic into hot ones.

But all these are no good when your website is down and inaccessible.

Using a reliable WordPress hosting is paramount for your success and it is one thing you shouldn't take it lightly.

Here's our favorite WordPress hosting services of all time.

(i) BlueHost

~Reliable and cheap WordPress hosting

BlueHost is a reliable shared hosting solution for WordPress users. Powering a few million websites around the world, BlueHost makes it easy for beginners to launch a blog quickly and without the big price tag.

(ii) Cloudways

What is Cloudways
~What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a great entry level VPS solution for growing WordPress websites. Managing a VPS often requires server management skills and if you don't have it, Cloudways is an excellent choice to start with.

Cloudways 1-click deployment and point-to-click server management keeps your website up and running, even a breeze when handling a high traffic eCommerce website.

(iii) RunCloud

What is RunCloud
~What is RunCloud?

RunCloud is a great alternative to Cloudways. In terms of features, RunCloud is very much on the higher end with multiple features that will benefits website owners (with or without server management skills).

Plus, it comes with an excellent record for uptime and ease of use.

(iv) WP Engine

WP Engine Hosting
~WP Engine hosting solutions

Do you have a high traffic website and you prefer customer support that cares? Look no further with WP Engine, a fully managed WordPress hosting solution for WordPress websites.

They are the king in the managed WordPress hosting space and you can't go wrong with them (no matter what plan you take up).

Sleep and play better this holiday season knowing that your website is well taken cared off.

(v) Kinsta

~Kinsta fully managed hosting solutions

Last but not least, Kinsta is another managed WordPress hosting service that you shouldn't consider lightly. Based on our personal experience, Kinsta is reliable, highly secured and the support is excellent.

If you running an eCommerce website, you can't go wrong with Kinsta (ever).

Wrapping up — Getting ready for holiday sales

We are only days away from the holiday sales and we hope that this article will give you a head start in the eCommerce business.

These plugins and software are excellent WordPress tools to boost your holiday sales opportunities this year. So, dive straight into them right now without delay!

Article written by Editorial Team

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